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Tourist Police

As tourism has been growing over the last 30 years all across Thailand, the Royal Thai Police decided to set up a special unit for tourists. It is called the Tourist Police and it's officers can be distingushed from regular Police Officers by a distinctive badge on their arm.

The Police force was established to deal with the safety and well-being of all Tourists who visit the Kingdom and speak English and some other European languages.

They can be called upon in all kinds of situations, such as road traffic accidents, theft, disputes with hotels or shop keepers, or any other matter where a foreign tourist is involved. They will also act as arbitrators on disputes in an unbiased fashion.

The Korat Tourist Police can be contacted on 044 341 778 or you can call 1155 to contact the nearest Tourist Police Office from where ever you are in Thailand.

The main office in Korat is situated opposite Bus Terminal 2 (the Big bus station) on Highway 2. There is also a small office near the Clock Tower by Yamo Monument, almost opposite the branch of Pizza Company.

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