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Watch an Indian Roller @ any road trip

One of the questions I am commonly asked about birds is "I was driving along and this bird took off from a tree on the side of the road, I didn't even see it at first but as soon as it started flying it had the most intense beautiful blue plumage I have ever seen, what was it?" The answer is an Indian Roller, no, not...

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Thing's to do...

Practise Writing Thai @ The Internet
Buy a life-size Elephant @ Dan Kwian
Make a flower arrangement @ your house
Chez Andy Competition - Winner Night Out
Celebrate the life of Luang Phor Khoon

Find out why the Swat Cats are called the Swat Cats?

Korat cats (or si-sawat cats) are a famous breed of cat native to Nakhon Ratchasima. The Korat (Thai: โคราช, มาเลศ, สีสวาด - Khorat, Malet, Sisawat) is a slate blue-grey short-haired breed of domestic cat with a small to medium build. Its body is semi-cobby, and unusually heavy for its size. It is...

Learn a Thai song @ your PC

Thai is a difficult language to learn and the best way to learn it quickly especially if you need it for work or business is to attend any of the excellent Thai language schools in Korat. My personal favourite being KRT (please click for further information on KRT). But if you just want to get better at the language at your...

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More thing's to do...

Watch the ETA Aquarids Meteor Shower @ Korat
Learn to Read & Write in Thai @ KRT Language School
Get very wet @ Korat Zoo Lagoon
Rent a Car @ Korat Car Rental
Visit a Ladies Hair Dressers @ Korat

Swap a book @ The Ram

If your an avid reader getting hold of good books at reasonable prices can be difficult in Korat. There are a few good second hand book stores specialising in English language books in Bangkok but that seems an awful long way to go for a good read. Far closer, far nicer and with cool beer and quality food on offer is the Ram, who run a book swapping...

Even more things to do...

Learn more about Korat City Gate
Korean/Japanese Dress Up and Photoshoot @ Fancy Studio
Buy a Car Battery @ Chung Battery Shop
Stay at the Kasemsarn Hotel @ Chanthaburi
Give Blood @ Thai Red Cross Society

Eat by the river @ Wang Naen

If anyone’s looking for an afternoon excursion on a hot day you should check out Wang Naen on the Takhong River near Sung Noen. This is a very cool place to spend a few hours if you just fancy getting out of Korat City. It isn’t too difficult to find and it only takes 35 minutes from Save One market by motorbike - just head...

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James' Korat Klassics

Ford Cortina MIII @ Makro Car Park

Ahh... the M3 Cortina, lovely jubbly! I have a great fondness for this model. I love the 1970's 'coke bottle' styling as it's become known. But I also remember them well when there was one parked on every street corner in the UK during my youth in the 1980's. By then they were mostly in their banger, boy racer...

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