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Watch a Small Asian Mongoose sunbathing @ Korat

The Small Asian Mongoose is a species of mongoose known by the scientific name Herpestes javanicus. It also known as the Javan Mongoose, Javan Gold-spotted Mongoose, or the Common Indian Mongoose. When you first see a Small Asian Mongoose you can easily confuse...

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Get a Tattoo @ Tattookorat
Buy some handmade Leather Shoes @ Sukhumvit 22
Rent a Car @ Korat Car Rental
Stay at the Boss Grand Hotel @ Khon Kaen
Multi Entry Non Imm ‘O’ Visa Renewal @ Savannakhet

Watch your favourite TV shows live @ Pulse TV

Are you frustrated with what your current TV supplier offers? Or are you missing your favorite TV shows from home? If so, then you need Pulse-TV! They offer a high speed, high quality internet TV service which is the ideal solution for anybody who wants to watch quality live international TV or the latest movies on...

Go to the Cinema @ EGV The Mall

The EGV cinema at the Mall is a great way to spend a hot afternoon or an evening. The screens are good, the air con is cold (too cold, but you can go prepared with a hoody or blanket), the sound is good and the snacks are tasty (my girlfriend likes to mix sweet and cheese flavoured popcorn together...

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Refill your gas @ The Gas Shop
Feed a Giraffe @ Korat Zoo
Watch Classic TV @ Youtube
Tell someone about What's On Korat
Read Thailand Fever @ your house

Get your bike washed @ The Mall

The bike car park at the Mall has a mechanic/bike wash near the exit. It's a very convenient way to get your bike washed, because you can leave your bike with them and go and do your shopping, then come back and drive off on a shiny new looking set of wheels. I use them about once a month, when my bike starts to look like it's...

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Buy some Large Clothes @ Jam Nai Seua Pa
Ride in Mr Cookie's Tuk Tuk @ The Road
Watch a movie made in Thailand @ your home
Watch Baya Weaver Birds @ Bung Talua
Extend your tourist visa @ Dan Kwien Immigration

Feed a Giraffe @ Korat Zoo

Since a very young age I've been fascinated by nature. Growing up on a large estuary in the UK gave me plenty of chances to watch Otters, Common and Grey Seals, Dolphins, Basking Sharks, Peregrine Falcons, countless species of seabirds, and thousands of wintering waterfowl and waders. The estuary was such a haven for wildlife that...

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James' Korat Klassics

International Wrecker @ Amper Noen Daeng

Now here's a rugged piece of machinery. It's an International Wrecker serving break down's and recoveries on the main drag between Amper Noen Daeng and Bha Thai. I've known this truck for over 10 years and it's owner is very proud of it. When I first saw it, it was bright orange but I much prefer it in this blue...

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