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Play Lazer Planet @ The Mall

Lazer planet The Mall Korat is great fun and really easy to organise. just show up on the 3rd floor with any number of people and "check in" at the counter. They will tell you what time the next game starts and you will most likely be playing within 20 minutes. They have a timetable showing the game...

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DON'T Overstay!
Fix Your Computer @ Acer
Visit the Khmer Ruins @ Panom Wan
Get a Haircut @ Seven Barber
Get ready for some serious shopping @ Korat's Malls

Watch Siamese Crocodiles @ the Reservoirs near Phimai

Siamese Crocodiles are one of the smallest crocodile species in the world. There are of course smaller species of alligators and cayman and there is of course Africa's Dwarf Crocodile, but when it comes to true crocs, the Siamese is the very baby cousin of a 20 plus foot Saltwater Crocodile. The...

Visit a temple @ Wat Sala Loi

If you are looking for an interesting daytime activity to do in the city centre, you could try visiting one of the most revered temples in Korat. Wat Sala Loi is to the northeast of the old town, about 500 meters from Rop Mueang Road, not far from the northeast corner of the moat. Thao Suranari (Lady Yamo) and her husband built...

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Know your Myna Birds @ Your garden
Watch a Small Asian Mongoose sunbathing @ Korat
Get a Free Haircut @ Around Town
Watch Sun Bears in the wild @ Khao Yai
Practise Writing Thai @ The Internet

Get a Coffee & Car Wash @ Care'Fe

Car'fe is between the main train station and The 100 Year Market on Mookamontri Road. It's the perfect place to get your bike or car washed whilst you eat lunch. My bill for an iced cappuccino, a pad krapow gai khai dao (chicken and basil with a fried egg) and my bike wash was only 165 Baht. Steal!!!

Even more things to do...

Rent a Motorbike @ Korat Rentals
Watch Classic TV @ Youtube
Find out why the Swat Cats are called the Swat Cats?
Grab a bargain @ Craigslist, Thailand
Learn to Read & Write in Thai @ KRT Language School

Grab a Grab Taxi @ Korat

A lot of things changed in Korat when the city hosted the South East Asian Games in 2007, one of them was that proper taxis appeared in the city for the first time ever. Originally they were intended to run for the duration of the games only, but proved so popular that the service remained and is as popular today as it was when it started. Back...

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James' Korat Klassics

Toyota Crown II @ Wing 1 Air Base

OK, I think we're turning Japanese with this Toyota Crown, I really think so! After the second World War Japan started to produce cars on licence to some Western manufacturers. These were direct copies of cars already being made by the likes of Ford, General Motors and Britain's BMC. It was a joint effort aimed to...

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