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Swap a book @ The Ram

If your an avid reader getting hold of good books at reasonable prices can be difficult in Korat. There are a few good second hand book stores specialising in English language books in Bangkok but that seems an awful long way to go for a good read. Far closer, far nicer and with cool beer and quality food on offer is the Ram, who run a book swapping...

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Stay at the VIE Hotel @ Bangkok
Stay at the Boss Grand Hotel @ Khon Kaen
Possible Flights to Bangkok @ Bangkok Airways
Sell your house @ What's on Korat
Watch Siamese Crocodiles @ the Reservoirs near Phimai

Get a Coffee & Car Wash @ Care'Fe

Car'fe is between the main train station and The 100 Year Market on Mookamontri Road. It's the perfect place to get your bike or car washed whilst you eat lunch. My bill for an iced cappuccino, a pad krapow gai khai dao (chicken and basil with a fried egg) and my bike wash was only 165 Baht. Steal!!!

Rent a Car @ Fodo Car Rentals

Fodo Car Rentals have been offering a quality range of rental vehicles at reasonable prices since 2002. They have a fleet of sedans, pick ups and vans which are well maintained and in excellent condition. All vehicles have first class insurance to ensure you can enjoy your stay and explore Thailand the easy...

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Chez Andy Pizza Competition Winners
Extend Your Tourist Visa Exemption @ Immigration
Walk, Shop & Eat @ The 100 Year Market
Stay at the Kasemsarn Hotel @ Chanthaburi
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Teach English Online @

Any teachers in Korat looking for extra work should check out online teaching, from home. It pays better than most private schools in Korat, and allows you to work from home. You also get a decent bonus if you are on time for all your classes. You must have a decent internet connection to consider this. The job is online...

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Get a Key Cut @ Chang Kaew
Buy a genuine DVD @ Manpong in the Mall
Know your Myna Birds @ Your garden
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Get a Haircut @ Rungnapa's

Watch your favourite TV shows live @ Pulse TV

Are you frustrated with what your current TV supplier offers? Or are you missing your favorite TV shows from home? If so, then you need Pulse-TV! They offer a high speed, high quality internet TV service which is the ideal solution for anybody who wants to watch quality live international TV or the latest movies on...

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James' Korat Klassics

International Cocktail Van @ Krua 9 x 9

Elsewhere in What's on Korat you may have seen comments on a very nice restaurant called Krua 9 X 9, situated down a quiet soi behind the Mall. Apart from very good food & beautiful surroundings it also has this lovely feature - an International van, come cocktail bar. This is what in America many refer to as a "laundry...

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