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Eat by the river @ Wang Naen

If anyone’s looking for an afternoon excursion on a hot day you should check out Wang Naen on the Takhong River near Sung Noen. This is a very cool place to spend a few hours if you just fancy getting out of Korat City. It isn’t too difficult to find and it only takes 35 minutes from Save One market by motorbike - just head...

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Things to do...

Watch Classic TV @ Youtube
Take a farm tour @ Farm Chok Chai
Home for the Aged Ratchasima
Have a Foot Massage @ Nail Relax & Spa
Watch the Big Five @ Korat Zoo

Rent a Car @ Fodo Car Rentals

Fodo Car Rentals have been offering a quality range of rental vehicles at reasonable prices since 2002. They have a fleet of sedans, pick ups and vans which are well maintained and in excellent condition. All vehicles have first class insurance to ensure you can enjoy your stay and explore Thailand the easy...

Buy some Fresh Pork @ DK Inter Food

DK Inter Food ​has been open since 2009 and ​is a local pork shop that sells just about every cut you can get at market prices. It is good quality meat, produced and butchered in Dan Kwien, and is sold from a clean air con shop in fridges or freezers - depending on the cut you are looking for.​ It is located right by...

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More things to do...

Buy some fat lad's clothes @ Korat
Get a Re-entry Permit @ Korat Immigration
Sponsor a Football Team @ United Football Academy
Stay at the Kasemsarn Hotel @ Chanthaburi
Watch Sun Bears in the wild @ Khao Yai

Visit a Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist

Whenever I feel ill in Thailand, I dread the long queues at the government hospitals and the fees at the private hospitals. I hate going to the doctors anyway, so the quicker I can be in and out and the less I have to pay the better – assuming said doctor can fix me up! Doctor Prawatigan Pat speaks English confidently and...

Even more things to do...

Get your Shoes Fixed @ Mahadthai Road
Book a flight @ Air Asia
Buy an iPhone6 @ iStudio
Learn how to treat a Snakebite
Watch a Small Asian Mongoose sunbathing @ Korat

Watch Siamese Crocodiles @ the Reservoirs near Phimai

Siamese Crocodiles are one of the smallest crocodile species in the world. There are of course smaller species of alligators and cayman and there is of course Africa's Dwarf Crocodile, but when it comes to true crocs, the Siamese is the very baby cousin of a 20 plus foot Saltwater Crocodile. The...

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James' Korat Klassics

Datsun 620 Pick-up

I reckon most of you will look at today's Korat Klassic pic and think what the hell's that doing here? But please, take a closer look. It's a great example of the kind of older working vehicle we all see on the streets of Korat everyday. This one is a Datsun 620 and they were built between 1972 and 1980, so the youngest of them are now 34 years old. But you will...

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