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Home for the Aged Ratchasima

A new home for the aged opened in early 2017 in a nice location in central Korat. It sits in lovely grounds near the Meteorological Department in the Dech Udom area. Facilities are all brand new and the staff, from nurses to admin are all well trained to look after the elderly. Accommodation varies depending on...

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Watch the Big Five @ Korat Zoo

The Big Five is actually a term coined by big-game hunters and refers to the five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt on foot, namely the Lion, the African Elephant, the Cape Buffalo, the African Leopard and either the Black or White Rhinoceros. The members of the Big Five were chosen for the...

Grab a Grab Taxi @ Korat

A lot of things changed in Korat when the city hosted the South East Asian Games in 2007, one of them was that proper taxis appeared in the city for the first time ever. Originally they were intended to run for the duration of the games only, but proved so popular that the service remained and is as popular today as it was when it started. Back...

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Rent a Townhouse @ Jeera High Speed Town

Jeera High Speed Town is a new selection of modern townhouses in the heart of Korat. Any of the brand new units could be turned into a business venue located right in the heart of Nakhon Ratchasima province and next to the central Jeera train station, the main transit connection from Bangkok to the Northeastern part...

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Home for the Aged Ratchasima
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Read Thailand Fever @ your house

Farang-Thai relationships can be very difficult. Many times it is because of the age old difficulties of living with another person which everyone has regardless of race, culture or up-bringing. But I have noticed that in Thailand even more problems are caused by partners not understanding each other's way of thinking...

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1952 De Soto @ Kok Suen

This is a spectacular example of the kind of rarities that can still be found today hidden up , if you look for them. This is a 1952 De Soto Sport Coupe . A real rare breed even it it's U.S homeland. The De Soto is a car that many have not even heard of. They were conceived by Walter Chrysler in 1929 to form a market for the middle classes within...

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