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Visit Fuzzyken’s ​in ​Udon Thani​

Fuzzyken’s ​in ​Udon Thani​ is a great place to enjoy ​a wide selection of beverages and traditional English meals​. If you are looking for budget accommodation, western/UK style groceries & frozen meat products, or a used book shop ​​​where you can browse through 1000's of publications​, then this is the place to...

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Congratulations to the Chez Andy July Competition Winners
Buy some fat lad's clothes @ Korat
Extend Your Tourist Visa Exemption @ Immigration
Win 3 Pizzas in WOK's Chez Andy's Competition
Duck for cover @ Phimai

Rent a Car @ Fodo Car Rentals

Fodo Car Rentals have been offering a quality range of rental vehicles at reasonable prices since 2002. They have a fleet of sedans, pick ups and vans which are well maintained and in excellent condition. All vehicles have first class insurance to ensure you can enjoy your stay and explore Thailand the easy...

Watch a Small Asian Mongoose sunbathing @ Korat

The Small Asian Mongoose is a species of mongoose known by the scientific name Herpestes javanicus. It also known as the Javan Mongoose, Javan Gold-spotted Mongoose, or the Common Indian Mongoose. When you first see a Small Asian Mongoose you can easily confuse...

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Go for a Thai Lesson @ KRT
Sell your house @ What's on Korat
Get all artistic @ Bung Talua
Buy a life-size Elephant @ Dan Kwian
Take a Trip to Pattaya @ Nakhon Chai Air Bus Company

Work Out the Knots @ Rean Reia Massage

A truly wonderful massage experience seems like it would be easy to find in Korat, but between inadequate air conditioning (nothing like sweating while you’re getting rubbed down), to a distinct lack of service (you need to stay hydrated during massage to avoid cramps), finding a place for a good massage can actually...

Even more things to do...

Sponsor a Football Team @ United Football Academy
Buy some fat lad's clothes @ Korat
Make a candle @ Save One Market
Learn a Thai song @ your PC
Watch Red Jungle Fowl @ Khao Yai

Buy a Car Battery @ Chung Battery Shop

For all you car owners/drivers in Korat, ​I​ would like to highly recommend Chung Battery Shop. ​If you are looking for a new battery, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure that you won't be ripped off with an old battery or just overcharged. This shop is highly recommended as ​Mr. Chung speaks excellent...

Comedy Corner

James' Korat Klassics

1977 Holden Kingswood H2 @ Suranaree Road

Today's offering is from down under, it's a 1977 Holden Kingswood H2. Holden are General Motors' Australian subsidiary and during the 1970's and 80's quite a number reached Asian shores. They never really got much further west because of Opel in Germany and Vauxhall in the UK, who were also GM subsidiries...

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