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Meter taxis are the best way to get around in Korat if you aren't driving. They are safer, cleaner, cheaper and more comfortable than tuk tuks and you have the added benefit of air conditioning.

In early 2007 there weren't any meter taxis in Nakhorn Ratchasima, but then a small fleet of 7 taxis started operating out of the New Bus Station to capatalise on the influx of international tourists attending the South East Asian (SEA) Games, which was held in the city that year. The initial plan was to end the taxi service after the games finished but they were so popular amoungst the locals that they continued operating.

As the years have passed more and more taxi's have joined the ranks and there are now over 70 cars servicing Korat.

They can be difficult to get hold of as they are obviously very in demand, so I tend to take the mobile number of taxi drivers when I get dropped off somewhere, to ensure that I have a ride home and for future use - it also means the driver knows where to come and collect me from (and if I forget anything in the taxi, I can call him up to get it back!)

Head Office: 044 370 999

Other numbers: 085 414 6777, 086 878 6888

NB. Taxis are much cheaper than tuk tuks if you get them from the bus station. However, if you are calling them out to a far away place to collect you they will normally charge an additional 30 Baht collection fee, but you may want to offer them an extra tip, on top of the price on the meter to compensate for the inconvenience of not being able to get a return fare.

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