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Monday May 1

Beautiful bungalow in Pud-Sa-Wee village, Joho

This beautiful bungalow is currently for sale in Pud-Sa-Wee village in Joho. The property comprises three bedrooms, two bathrooms, spacious living room, 1 other room, and a kitchen To the front of the property is a garden plus ample parking with enough room for three. The property is being sold semi...

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Commercial Shop-house in Joho
Modern Shop-house @ Ban Suan Tung Sawang
Detached Two Bedroom Bungalow in Hauterlay
Two storey luxury house in The Signature

Sell your Property

What's On Korat have just launched a property service which is the easiest and cheapest way to sell your house or land or to rent your house. We will list your property on What's On Korat and it will be regularly featured on the main...

Two storey luxury house in The Signature

This beautiful, modern, luxury property is situated in The Signature which is near Joho Market. It is set in the area of 60 square meters. The upstairs level features three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one small room, whilst the downstairs has a large living room, hall, modern kitchen, bathroom, and a storage...

Today's Recommended Rental

City Link Condo

There are currently a number of modern luxury condo's available for rent in City Link Condo. The condo's range in size from 32 square meters to 37 square meters and feature one bedroom and a bathroom. Each condo benefits from the full range of facilities available in City Link, these include a swimming pool, gym, wi-fi, laundry room, 24...

Other Rental Options

Nicely designed house in Modern Link R.46
PKK Apartments
Two Bedroomed Condos in Sim Condo
Modern Two Bedroom Property on Suranaree Soi 5
House in Pud-Sa-Wee village, Joho

Land for Sale

200 sq.wah. in Non Sung
Over 11 Rai at Stuttering Huaiyang
80 sq. meters in Kham Thale Sau
Over 1 Rai in Tambon Ta-lad
Lemon garden land and 2 houses in Pak Thong Chai

Commercial and Investment Properties for Sale

Factory in Si Keiw

This Factory is currently being offered for sale in Si Keiw by Century 21 Land D property. As well as the factory floor there are also six bedrooms, and four bathrooms and toilets. The bedrooms could also be used for additional office space if that was required. The factory sits on a land area of 214 Sq.wah and is situated near Si-Keiw Market...

Even More Top Properties

Complete Apartment Building
High end luxury detached house in Surananree-ville
Modern Shop-house @ Ban Suan Tung Sawang
Townhouse in Jeera High Speed Town

Property Advice

Buying a property in Korat

Buying a property in Thailand involves many factors and a number of considerations need to be made before committing to purchasing real estate here. The most obvious starting point is to think about what property you are interested in and why you are buying it? Here is a check list of what to think about: The type of property...

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