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Donate Clothes @ The Tamar Centre

The Tamar Centre is a non-profit organisation that works out of Korat helping those at risk of abuse through practical needs and by building self-value. They are based in the 30 Ganya area of town. The Tamar Centre does a lot of good community projects, and although we don't all share the same faith, this...

Korean/Japanese Dress Up and Photoshoot @ Fancy Studio

Everyone enjoys a little bit of dressing up especially children so if your in Save One Market with some time on your hands try Fancy Studio which is a small air-conditioned costume shop/photo studio located on the right hand side of the main track which the extended golf carts...

Super Cool Blend 285 Motosigh @ Panjadara Hotel

Isan superbikes are hard to come by, but this little gem is pure class. The owner, a leather waistcoat clad Isan cowboy, has done the full works on this beautiful bike. The amount of love that has gone into taking what must be over 1000 Blend 285 bottle tops, cutting...

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