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Friday December 3

The Hard Rock Hotel @ Pattaya

I absolutely love Korat, I honestly think it's the best place to live in Thailand. And one of the best things about it is that even though it's a great, lively, cultured and very Thai city it is a great base to live in all year long then get out of whenever you fancy a change for a weekend. Whether it's a trip up-country to visit Chiang...

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The ‚ÄčKasemsam Hotel @ Chanthaburi
The Phimai Inn @ Phimai
The VIE Hotel @ Bangkok
The Boss Grand Tower @ Khon Kaen
The Sports Bar Resort @ Pak Chong

On the menu...

Evening Buffet @ Sima Thani Hotel

A number of the better hotels in Korat and across Thailand offer both afternoon and evening buffets and the ones at the Sima Thani can be some of the best you'll get anywhere. The reason I say...

The Irish Clock @ Udon Thani

The Irish Clock is one of the best places to stay in Udon in my opinion. It has a very nice pub feel to it and looks traditional inside with draught beer and a good food menu including western, Indian and Thai food. The breakfasts (varying sizes), sandwiches, burgers and Sunday roasts are all worth a go. The...

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