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Saturday August 19

The Sports Bar Resort @ Pak Chong

There are lots of options for hotels and resorts in Pak Chong and Khao Yai, but one of our favourites is The Sports Bar & Pohrak Resort just a few kilometres outside Pak Chong town centre. It is just off the main road in a quiet setting, with several detached air con bungalow rooms, a bar area with a fantastic western and...

We also recommend...

The ‚ÄčKasemsam Hotel @ Chanthaburi
The Phimai Inn @ Phimai
The Rock Sand Resort @ Koh Chang
The Hard Rock Hotel @ Pattaya
The VIE Hotel @ Bangkok

On the menu...

Chocolate Layer Cake @ Sima Thani Hotel

I have a definite sweet tooth and the sweets available at the buffet at the Sima Thani Hotel have to be the best selection available, especially for the price, in the city. The hotel's...

The Boss Grand Tower @ Khon Kaen

The Boss Grand is in central Khon Kaen and offers excellent value for money if you are looking for a place to stay for a few nights. It's a very modest 500 Baht per night and is as modern as you will find for that price. The fact that it has a rooftop bar is a definite perk, though it is not exactly heaving. From the top of the...

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