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Monday May 1

Isan Food @ Ton Malakaw

​Ton Malakaw is a busy Isan restaurant in the Pradok area of town which specialises in som tam, fried chicken, barbecued moo yor and kanom jeen. Food arrives within seconds of ordering so it is a great place to go and have a quick lunch with friends. It is very similar to Kru Yod's, which is also in Prodok just around the corner. Note to self, neither have...

Food for thought

Salmon Quri Spicy @ Tomodachi
Pulled Pork Sandwich @ 3rd World Café
Beef Chili Nachos @ This is Cup
Chicken Tenders @ The 7 Lady
Lamb Doner Kebab @ The Ram


Fuller's Beer Promotion @ Prew Bar

Prew Bar is one of the nicest places to go for an evening beer in Korat. It never really gets too load or busy, but it has a lovely atmosphere when there are a few people in the bar...

Bacon, Egg & Cheeseburger @ 3rd World Café

Burgers are a very serious topic for me. From the big BBQ burger to the tiny frozen discs you slap in a spongy sesame seed bun, there is a huge range of quality to this classic hangover cure. Frankly, I have had more than my fair share of burgers and must say that it takes something drastic...

Hungarian Goulash @ Chez Andy

On a recent visit to Chez Andy I had the wonderful Hungarian Goulash which is on as a special at the moment, the meal did not disappoint with cooked to perfection sweet and tender beef in a rich flavoursome sauce. Goulash is a soup or stew of meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika and other spices...

Fancy a Drink?

Coffee @ Wawee Cafe

Coffee is big business in Korat and there are lots of new, interesting coffee shops opening all the time with different degrees of success. It seems that the American and Eurpean coffee scene...

Something Sweet?

Chocolate Layer Cake @ Sima Thani Hotel

I have a definite sweet tooth and the sweets available at the buffet at the Sima Thani Hotel have to be the best selection available, especially for the price, in the city. The hotel's...

Great Meal @ Sabua

There are so many great restaurants in Korat that it is hard to pick out a favourite, but Sabua has a strong case for one of the best places for a good lunch. The thing that sets it aside from other venues is the quality of the meat they use in their dishes. They make tom yam with big succulent pieces of chicken breast, in a thick broth with lots of veg...

Beef Stew @ The George & Dragon

The George & Dragon does very good food. The chefs both worked at an Irish pub in Bangkok before moving to Korat with the George and I am always amazed at the quality of the meals when I order. The beef stew is a big meal with a large bowl of hot stew, mashed potato or chips, vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli...

More food for thought

Salami Pizza @ Save One Pizza Shop
Tastes of home @ Sweet Lovers
Chicken Tikka Massala @ Korat Chef
Chicken Nuggets @ Yen Hay
Chicken Cordon Bleu @ Blue Steak

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