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Saturday November 17

Sea Bass and Mash @ Like Sen

Like Sen is a very cute little outdoor cafe on Suebsiri Road not far from Club Life on the way up towards the Walrus Pub from Mookamontri Road. It is run by two ladies who have managed to put together a truly eclectic menu full of Thai treats, bbq meats and spaghetti dishes. They also have a fine drinks menu. It's...

Lamb Doner Kebab @ The Ram

In my experience there are two types of Kebabs in the world, the good ones, which are freshly prepared in excellent Turkish Restaurants, and the bad ones which are picked up on the way home after a heavy night out, covered in garlic sauce and found on a coffee table half eaten the morning after.

The Grill Room @ Kantary Hotel

The Grill Room Korat is the city’s premier rooftop steak restaurant where you can dine ​at night ​to spectacular views of the city lights. ​S​killed chefs source the best quality meat for your enjoyment and prepare everything to immaculate perfection. A wide range of seafood​ as well as​ international and Thai...

Fancy a Drink?

Off License @ Khee Seng Heng

There are quite a few little off licences spread around town. I'm not talking about mom & pop shops that sell Beer Leo and Lao Khao, I'm referring to specialist liquor stores that stock a proper selection of...

Something Sweet?

Nutty Crispy Tower @ Swensens

Swensen's is the perfect destination to take the entire family or a large group of friends and have an ice cream overload without breaking the bank. Walk into any of their...

Curried Chicken & Potato Roti @ Wat Pho

A roti "โรตี" is a common snack in Thailand and can be found all over Korat. Usually, they are filled with banana and egg and fried on a large flat frying surface until crispy, then rolled up into a wrap and served doused in sweet condensed milk. However, there is a savoury version of this maida paratha flatbread that...

Australian T-Bone Steak @ The Grill Room, Kantary Hotel

Australian T-bone steak & beef stroganoff with a bottle of red and a mind-blowing cocktail (a flambée special with lemon juice, caramelised pineapple Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum and honey, garnished with honeycomb and a stick of cinnamon) - another fantastic meal at Kantary...

More food for thought

Full English Breakfast @ Coffee Pitini
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Curry @ South East Asia
Spaghetti Party @ Chez Andy
Smoked Leg of Ham @ Gourmet Meats
Khao Soi @ Baan Saen Pan

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