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Food & Drink             sponsored by Chez Andy Swiss Restaurant & Steak House

Friday October 20

Summer Rolls @ Le Danang

Gỏi cuốn, also known as Vietnamese fresh rolls, salad rolls, or summer rolls, are a great introduction to the pleasures of Vietnamese cuisine if your new to it. The meal arrives at the table in five different parts. The first is a bag of Bánh tráng cuốn, which is thin rice flour sheets dried into what is commonly...

Food for thought

Chicken Rogan Josh @ Nok Bar
Salami Pizza @ Save One Pizza Shop
Larb Moo Tod Burger @ Check Inn
Super Big Kebab @ Save One Market
Spicy Garlic Spaghetti with Bacon @ Café Sixteen


Happy Daze @ Check Inn

The Check Inn are currently running a 'Forget Happy Hours, Let's have Happy Daze!' promotion, offering discounts on large bottles of beer between 2:00pm and 6:00pm. The promotion is...

Chicken Cordon Bleu @ Sweet Café

For 125 Baht this has got to be one of the best value western meals in Korat. I would expect to pay double that anywhere else for what I got. A good portion of hammy, cheesy bread-crumbed chicken served with mashed potatoes, chips, vegetables, salad and a dash of gravy. The piece of chicken was large and...

Flaming Skewers @ Chez Andy

Chez Andy likes to push the borders of culinary experiences, they will even be showcasing molecular gastronomy in the restaurant soon, more news as soon as we get it. But if you like food with drama you will love their Flaming Skewers. They consist of very large chunks of beef, pork, chicken and sausage...

Fancy a Drink?

Beer Lao @ Falling Rain

According to Frank Zappa, ‘You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least...

Something Sweet?

Chocolate Profiteroles @ Sima Thani Hotel

Chocolate Profiteroles are arguably the best dessert the French have ever produced. Rich, soft Choux pastry filled with cream, then covered in chocolate sauce. So simple and...

Chef's Kitchen Tandoori Paste Review

This is my experience of using the Chef’s Kitchen Tandoori Paste which is part of the new range of Indian Curries available at Korat Chef. I didn’t want to just write a basic recipe because often recipes leave out important or helpful information, usually because they assume we should know certain things already. I’ve...

Isan food @ So Jeng Restaurant

So Jeng is a nice little restaurant not far from Prasat Phanom Wan archaeological site. It’s located about 20-25km outside Korat City. If you drive up Highway No. 2 and turn off right after 15km you will see a sign that directs you about a further six kilometers to the site. If you aren't familiar with Prasat Phanom Wan, it was...

More food for thought

Lamb Doner Kebab @ The Ram
Larb Moo Tod Burger @ Check Inn
Pad Krapao Moo Farang @ Check Inn
Chicken Panaeng @ Baan Kuer
Kimji Fried Pork Bento Set @ Korea Bap Restaurant

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