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Wednesday March 21

Real Beef Burgers @ May's Steak Burgers NBK

​​Contrary to popular belief, I don't eat burgers for every meal. These burgers from NBK Market near ​T​he Dusit Princess Hotel do​,​ however​,​ make me consider that option.​ For so long, the standard of burger in Korat has been well below par, but in the past few years, places like this have really stepped it up a notch... or 7.​ Thanks to...

Food for thought

Gai Yang @ Mae Sri
Thai Fusion @ Krua 9 x 9
Afternoon Buffet @ Kantary Hotel Korat
Chicken Cordon Bleu @ Blue Steak
Bread @ Various places


10% off @ Chez Andy

Chez Andy, Korat's premier steak house, Swiss restaurant, beer garden and pizzeria offers a VIP Card which allows the holder a 10% discount on their bill. The restaurant is the only international...

Pulled Pork Nachos @ 8 Bistro

​8 Bistro is a stylish​ fusion restaurant & bar near the main train station ​and Yamo Market ​in Korat.​ It opened in May 2015, and has become hugely popular in a short space of time, due to the unique menu, relaxed atmosphere and quality live music.​ Th​e​ bistro, bar​ ​and live music venue​ offers something ​new age...

Peking Duck @ Tapestry, Kantary Hotel

This really is a fantastic meal at Tapestry, a charming Chinese restaurant on the 2nd floor of The Kantary Hotel, Korat. The menu is big, so we didn't scratch the surface, but here is a peek at the barbecue Peking duck (293 Baht). We also tried a couple of dim sum dishes (65 Baht each). We chose the steamed pork...

Fancy a Drink?

Tasty Coffee @ Class Cafe

Class Cafe is a very popular chain of coffee shops in Korat that at my latest count has 3 different locations. One on Jomsurangyat Road near Klang Plaza 2, one on Chang Peuak Road and a third (not sure where...

Something Sweet?

Chocolate Lava Cake @ Krua 9 x 9

Krua 9 x 9 has a really impressive menu in wonderful surroundings at a very reasonable price. Situated between the Mall road and the Suranaree 2 Rd, it is in a quiet...

German Meatloaf @ Cafe Capu

Cafe Capu describes itself as a German Coffee and Sausage shop. Which is very true but it does offer quite a bit more. It has an extensive menu, which is quite steak based from the Farang side of things, but does offer other alternatives as well as an extensive Thai selection. It also offers a number of home made...

Rad Khao vs. Gab Khao @ Any Restaurant

One of the main reasons I live in Thailand is because the food is superb. I like the freshness, the flavours, the spices, the prices, the waitresses, the variety, the speed at which it is (stroke can be) served and the fact that it is such a big part of Thailand's social culture. Why eat in when you can eat out? As a man...

More food for thought

All you can eat seafood buffet @ ​Ban Saeng Restaurant
Large English Breakfast @ Monkey Bar
German Sausages & Beer @ Café Capu
Katsudon @ Genki Ramen
The Grill Room @ Kantary Hotel

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