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Friday December 3

Vietnamese Pho @ Save One Market

Vietnamese Pho (pronounced Fuh) is the national dish of Vietnam. It is an aromatic, nutritious, and delicious rice noodle soup containing lots of fresh herbs. Pho originated in the early 20th century in northern Vietnam, apparently south east of Hanoi in Nam Định Province, then a substantial textile...

Food for thought

Katsu Padpong Curry @ La Moon Cafe
Khao Moo Daeng @ Ped Yang Fai Daeng
Valentines Day Dinner @ 8 Bistro
Rad Khao vs. Gab Khao @ Any Restaurant
Chicken Rogan Josh @ Nok Bar


Buy 1 Get 1 Free @ The Pizza Company

The Pizza Company is arguably the leading takeaway pizza chain in Thailand, offering pizzas delivered to your door, and a large selection of side orders for when you don't want...

Curried Chicken & Potato Roti @ Wat Pho

A roti "โรตี" is a common snack in Thailand and can be found all over Korat. Usually, they are filled with banana and egg and fried on a large flat frying surface until crispy, then rolled up into a wrap and served doused in sweet condensed milk. However, there is a savoury version of this maida paratha flatbread that...

Dim Sum Buffet @ The Emperor, Sima Thani

The Emperor Chinese Restaurant at The Sima Thani Hotel has a special promotion on their dim sum buffet for the month of December. 545 Baht gets you all you can eat for 2 people. The menu includes schezuan soup, prawn spring rolls, glazed ribs, dumplings, sarabao, steamed noodles stuffed with...

Fancy a Drink?

Off License @ Khee Seng Heng

There are quite a few little off licences spread around town. I'm not talking about mom & pop shops that sell Beer Leo and Lao Khao, I'm referring to specialist liquor stores that stock a proper selection of...

Something Sweet?

Chocolate Lava Cake @ Krua 9 x 9

Krua 9 x 9 has a really impressive menu in wonderful surroundings at a very reasonable price. Situated between the Mall road and the Suranaree 2 Rd, it is in a quiet...

Get your Isan On @ Tom Saep Kaen Khon

I’m very partial to a bit of Isan food, and one of my favourite places is called Dom Sep Khon Kaen. It’s opposite the old Kho Chang Seafood restaurant. Most of you have probably tried Som tam at some point. If like me you’re a fan, then take it to the next level with Dam Tat. Dam Tat as you can probably see by the...

Breaded Fish & Chips @ Baanya Steak House

This is a real gem, especially for lunch times. Baanya Steak House has been open since about 2012 and offers a smart, clean, air con restaurant with decent size steak meals. It's in the middle of the Old Town on Atsadaeng Road near the temple that sits in the big square pond. There is parking just outside on the road and...

More food for thought

English Ham & Mustard Crisps @ 7 Eleven
Pork Steak Café de Paris @ Chez Andy
Bread @ Various places
Indian & Mexican Vegetarian Menu @ Yogini
Fish Cakes @ Chicken Flame

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