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Wednesday March 21

Tasty Coffee @ Class Cafe

Class Cafe is a very popular chain of coffee shops in Korat that at my latest count has 3 different locations. One on Jomsurangyat Road near Klang Plaza 2, one on Chang Peuak Road and a third (not sure where to be honest). It offers the cool music and minimalistic decor that most new coffee shops have, but it also offers a strong brand and interesting...

Or how about...

Mixed Berry Yogurt Smoothy @ La-Moon Cafe'
Fat Man Café
Blueberry Smoothie @ La Moon Café
Mocca Toffee Caramel @ Hoo Ya Café

Also on the menu

Mocca Toffee Caramel @ Hoo Ya Café

Hoo Ya Café is making a real name for itself. Having been there a few times, I have realised it is the premium coffee shop in central Korat. Certainly in the old town. It has...

382 Space Café

On the north east side of Korat there is a temple called Wat Sala Loi. If you pass through the main gate off the highway, and take your second right (see map), you will arrive at what can only be described as Korat's greenest and most lush coffee shop. It is really quite remarkable how this place it hidden so well in a fairly dingy corner of town...

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