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Saturday December 16

Beef Chili Nachos @ This is Cup

This is Cup is a cute little coffee shop and restaurant that is run by a lady with a Mexican father, in the Sanam Keelar area of town between Thanon Chang Pueak (the road with Maharat Hospital) and Suranarai Road (the road with Rajabat University). It's a bit tricky to find, but when you get there, you are in for a treat...

Or how about...

Cuban Sandwich @ This is Cup
Me the Season
Blueberry Smoothie @ La Moon Café
Mocca Toffee Caramel @ Hoo Ya Café

Also on the menu

Mocca Toffee Caramel @ Hoo Ya Café

Hoo Ya Café is making a real name for itself. Having been there a few times, I have realised it is the premium coffee shop in central Korat. Certainly in the old town. It has...

Tasty Coffee @ Class Cafe

Class Cafe is a very popular chain of coffee shops in Korat that at my latest count has 3 different locations. One on Jomsurangyat Road near Klang Plaza 2, one on Chang Peuak Road and a third (not sure where to be honest). It offers the cool music and minimalistic decor that most new coffee shops have, but it also offers a strong brand and interesting...

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