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Friday October 20

Mango & Sticky Rice @ I am Café

You know it's the right time of year when you see bright yellow mangos gleaming at you next to a pile of sticky rice and some condensed coconut milk. The colour of the fruit dictates so much and for me, there is nothing like the yellowest of the yellow, the softest and sweetest kind of mango. I am Café has...

Or how about...

Cuban Sandwich @ This is Cup
Me the Season
Mixed Berry Yogurt Smoothy @ La-Moon Cafe'
Blueberry Smoothie @ La Moon Café
Beef Chili Nachos @ This is Cup

Also on the menu

Coffee @ Wawee Cafe

Coffee is big business in Korat and there are lots of new, interesting coffee shops opening all the time with different degrees of success. It seems that the American and Eurpean coffee scene...

Butterscotch Flavour Iced Milk @ Class Cafe

I don't like coffee, never have, probably never will, but I seem to regularly end up in coffee shops obviously completely confused about what to order. If your a coffee lover, your spoilt for choice as you would expect, if not the choices are a lot less. However Class Cafe have a great solution in their range of Iced Milk...

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