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Sunday January 23

I am Cafe

​I am Cafe is a lovely coffee shop in the Hip Park complex just off Mittraphap Road about 200 metres down from the Mall. It has a good selection of coffee, nice indoor and outdoor seating areas and is based right in the middle of the city. It also offers ample parking. It is at the entrance to the Hip Park complex, which offers lots of different services...

Or how about...

382 Space Café
Blueberry Smoothie @ La Moon Café
Chicken Cordon Bleu @ Sweet Café
Fat Man Café
Mixed Berry Yogurt Smoothy @ La-Moon Cafe'

Also on the menu

Chocolate Oreo Shake @ Yen Hey

Yen Hey is a lovely café and gets very busy after school at about 5:00pm with lots of students eating and drinking snacks, but at other times of the day, you can have it to your self. It's air con inside...

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