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When the creators of What's On Korat first moved to the city approximately 12 years ago, Korat was a very different place. There were next to no foreigners, and only one or two meeting points; a Lebanese restaurant called Praisanee (on a very busy night all 10 seats were taken!) which was directly next door to a one unit Pizza Shop. The veterans of foreign wars met up next to the Siri hotel. The Mall was still new and empty of Farang, and if you saw a foreigner, you didn't know whether to nod or look away - that awkward acknowledgement that occurs when there is no real expat/tourist community available to tap into.

Now things have changed, with a plethora of foreign bars offering places to meet up and speak in English, watch sports in English, there are weekly films in English at the Mall, there are lots of restaurants doing quality food covering a variety of world cuisines, we have shops like Tesco Lotus and Boots selling the same things that we could buy back home and even Thai bands playing whole sets in English. Korat has grown considerably and there is only one way for it to go with the pending arrival of the new high speed train from Malaysia to China passing right through our beloved province. Businesses and housing are booming and opportunities are there to get out and about and have a great time in one of Thailand's biggest cities.

So we thought it was about time to create an all encompassing 'go to' site that will we let the locals as well as tourists visiting the city into exactly how much great entertainment, how much delicious food, how many great hotels and how many fun things Korat has to offer. That's why we made What's On Korat and we hope you enjoy perusing it as much as we enjoy writing it. All feedback is welcome, and with your help we can improve the site even further.

The three people behind the website have over 50 years experience of living, socialising, eating and partying in Korat so we know the city and it's surroundings very well. Please let us guide you and make your stay in Korat a better, more enjoyable and memorable experience, and if you're just visiting the city, we're sure it will capture your heart and we look forward to your return when we promise to provide you with even more to do, eat, see, hear, enjoy and experience!

All the best,

The What's On Korat Team 1st May 2014

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