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Saturday August 19

​Prestigious Hong Kong Chef @ Tapestry, Kantary Hotel

The prestigious Hong Kong Pacific Club Chef, Wu Wai Hung, is coming to Kantary Hotel, Korat from Thursday 17th until Monday 21st August 2017. Tapestry Restaurant, Kantary Hotel, Korat, invites you to sample and enjoy the oriental delights of an internationally acclaimed...

Upcoming Highlight

Wednesday Quiz Night @ The Ram

The Ram Bar's weekly Wednesday night pub quiz has been going for many years and is always well attended with at least 4 or 5 teams competing. The quiz is set by rotating local volunteers so the quality can be...

What's on today

Deep Fried Rice Balls @ The Mall
Party Thai Style @ Tawan Daeng
Steak Roll @ Pizza Shop at Save One
Suicide Squad
Rad Khao vs. Gab Khao @ Any Restaurant

At the movies

Go to the Cinema @ EGV The Mall

The EGV cinema at the Mall is a great way to spend a hot afternoon or an evening. The screens are good, the air con is cold (too cold, but you can go prepared with a hoody or blanket), the sound is good and the snacks are tasty (my girlfriend likes to mix sweet and cheese flavoured popcorn together...

Saturday August 19

Chef's Kitchen Tandoori Paste Review

This is my experience of using the Chef’s Kitchen Tandoori Paste which is part of the new range of Indian Curries available at Korat Chef. I didn’t want to just write a basic recipe because often recipes leave out important or helpful information, usually because they assume we should know certain things already. I’ve...


Imported Beers Promotion @ The Walrus Pub

Imported beers are expensive. Thai beers are cheaper. This we know. If you have the time, money and inclination to drink imported beers at a premium price, then please read...



Watch a Small Asian Mongoose sunbathing @ Korat

The Small Asian Mongoose is a species of mongoose known by the scientific name Herpestes javanicus. It also known as the Javan Mongoose, Javan Gold-spotted Mongoose, or the Common Indian Mongoose. When you first see a Small Asian Mongoose you can easily confuse...

Saturday August 19

Modern Two storey house at SUT

This recently completed two storey modern home is currently for sale by Centuary 21 Land D Property in SUT. It features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a spacious living room, a nice dining room and kitchen. Also included in the sale price are a water tank and water pump. The property has the space to park one car...

More Top Properties

Commercial Shop-house in Joho
Luxury property on Maha Witthayalai Road
Two storey luxury house in The Signature
Complete Apartment Building
Large Commercial/Residential property on Roengchai Road

Fancy a Drink?

Ice Cappuccino @ Wawee Cafe

Coffee is big business in Korat and there are lots of new, interesting coffee shops opening all the time with different degrees of success. It seems that the American and European coffee scene has made...


Swimming Pool @ The Mall

The Mall swimming pool is a great place to spend an afternoon. The Olympic size pool is 50 metres in length and is next to Fantasia Lagoon water park. It’s an open air pool with clean decent changing rooms and toilets as well as lockers and food vendors. If you can't find what you want at the food stalls, which tend to be meats on on sticks, som tam...

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