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Monday May 1

Oasis Bar

Oasis Bar is a new bar in the Dech Udom area of town near Nong Pai Lom. It has a nice bricked interior with a stage and bar area, as well as a large outdoor seating space. The music is an eclectic mix of rock and overall great tunes, and the best reason for going... the price of the beer! If you are looking for a place to have a beer in...

Upcoming Highlight

Wednesday Quiz Night @ The Ram

The Ram Bar's weekly Wednesday night pub quiz has been going for many years and is always well attended with at least 4 or 5 teams competing. The quiz is set by rotating local volunteers so the quality can be...

What's on today

Hungarian Goulash @ Chez Andy
Party Thai Style @ Tawan Daeng
Full English Breakfast @ Coffee Pitini
Suicide Squad
Pad Krapow Tuna @ Yen Hey

At the movies

Go to the Cinema @ EGV The Mall

The EGV cinema at the Mall is a great way to spend a hot afternoon or an evening. The screens are good, the air con is cold (too cold, but you can go prepared with a hoody or blanket), the sound is good and the snacks are tasty (my girlfriend likes to mix sweet and cheese flavoured popcorn together...

Monday May 1

Isan Food @ Ton Malakaw

​Ton Malakaw is a busy Isan restaurant in the Pradok area of town which specialises in som tam, fried chicken, barbecued moo yor and kanom jeen. Food arrives within seconds of ordering so it is a great place to go and have a quick lunch with friends. It is very similar to Kru Yod's, which is also in Prodok just around the corner. Note to self, neither have...


Free Haircuts @ Around Town

Ajarn Prayon is a hairdressing teacher who does free haircuts at different places in town from Monday to Friday. He sets up stalls with a few barbers according to the day of the week, as follows...



Watch an Indian Roller @ any road trip

One of the questions I am commonly asked about birds is "I was driving along and this bird took off from a tree on the side of the road, I didn't even see it at first but as soon as it started flying it had the most intense beautiful blue plumage I have ever seen, what was it?" The answer is an Indian Roller, no, not...

Monday May 1

Beautiful bungalow in Pud-Sa-Wee village, Joho

This beautiful bungalow is currently for sale in Pud-Sa-Wee village in Joho. The property comprises three bedrooms, two bathrooms, spacious living room, 1 other room, and a kitchen To the front of the property is a garden plus ample parking with enough room for three. The property is being sold semi...

More Top Properties

Centrally located two storey Town House in Nong Phailom
Charming character property in Land & Houses
Two storey luxury house in The Signature
Beautiful bungalow in Pud-Sa-Wee village, Joho
Complete Apartment Building

Fancy a Drink?

Mocca Toffee Caramel @ Hoo Ya Café

Hoo Ya Café is making a real name for itself. Having been there a few times, I have realised it is the premium coffee shop in central Korat. Certainly in the old town. It has...


Horse Racing @ Korat Horse Racing Stadium

Nakhon Ratchasima has a fantastic all weather flat track right next to Bung Talua Lake near the Army Base on the south side of the city. Although gambling in Thailand is illegal, racing is one of the few events that allows betting to take place (like Muay Thai), and it offers a very different to horse racing back home for...

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