Start a Thai Course @ KRT Thai Language Centre

KRT is one of the most popular Thai language schools in Korat. Lots of visitors and expats have studied and we have only ever heard good reviews of the teaching style and the approach of the course instructor Usanee. 

She has a lot of experience in teaching Thai to all levels and has created a well structured set of modules that cater for all, no matter if you want to learn beginner spoken Thai or start reading newspapers.

Here is a list of the modules of the KTR Thai Language Curriculum:


Module 1 - 60 hours

Basic communication skills, simple dialogues & introduction to phonetics

Module 2 - 60 hours

Expanded communication skills & increased vocabulary

Module 3 - 60 hours

Broaden communication skills

Reading & Writing

Module 4.1 & Module 4.2 - 160 hours

Introduction to reading and writing Thai, understanding the basics of reading and writing & reading and writing short sentences

Module 5 - 120 hours

Reading and comprehension of short stories about Thai life

Module 6 - 60 hours

Reading and writing various topics relating to Thailand, such as the Thai life style, customs and culture

Advanced Course

Thai culture, Thai history and newspapers & media

Each module of every course has its own set of books which cost 500 Baht per module.

Usanee also allows all students to make up classes they miss within the same month. (You may have to join a group to make up a private class you miss).

For further information on KRT Thai Language Centre, contact Ajarn Usanee directly using the contact details below.

KRT School @ Windsor Language School info:

Open: 9am - 8pm Monday - Saturday (Closed Sundays)

Tel: 086-865-9836 or 091-017-5402

Line ID: krtschool

Address: Windsor Language School, Dech Udom Rd, Nai Mueang, Nakhon Ratchasima, 30000

Address 2: Windsor Language School, Central Plaza, Room 329, 330 3rd floor, 990-998 Mittaphap Nong Khai Rd., Nai Mueang, Mueang, Nakhon Ratchasima, 30000

GPS Coordinates: 14.959917N, 102.080655E

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