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Many of you must know from your home countries, especially the Americans who live in Korat. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the site, Craigslist is a smorgasbord of classifieds ads with every possible thing you can think of that can be bought, sold, traded or bartered, including services listed on it, it even features a free to a good home section. 

For a site that is so popular with hits in the millions on a daily basis the design is strikingly plain, it's all laid out in a list format with smaller categories as you move through the lists and next to no use of colour or graphics at all. 

It's very similar to a classifieds section in a newspaper for those of you old enough to remember what they looked like - drab, monochrome (blue and white in the case of Craigslist as opposed to traditional black and white), wordy and not much of a pleasure to look through.

But we all love a bargain and that is what Craigslist is so good at. The time spent drudging through things you don't want disappears from your memory in a second when you find what you are looking for and at a price that puts a massive smile on your face.

So, most of you know craigslist from your home countries but did you know that they have a Thai site and that it's in English? In terms of amount of content it doesn't even come close to the amount you'd find on a local city site in the US, but it does seem to be getting more popular and the number of listings seems to be increasing.

Since it's in English you'll find a lot of ex-pats advertising on there getting rid of un-wanted possessions before moving on, and a number of these can be at ridiculously knock down prices if the circumstances of the sale are in your favour.

The other great thing about Craigslist is that you'll find a number of things on there that Farang have brought into the country but no longer want or need. These include a number of things which are difficult or impossible to find in Thailand. A lot if these would be costly to ship from outside Thailand if bought online plus most would have an import tax put on them from around 12.5% to 35% under normal circumstances, but up to 100+% if it's a luxury item.

So you can see the possible savings available if you look at the true cost of the item. I'll give you an example of a recent purchase of a piece of technical equipment I bought off Craigslist Thailand. The item was advertised at 13,000 Baht, but when I called the guy who was selling it he told me I could have it for 10,000 Baht if I bought it within 24 hours because he needed some money for a trip he had booked back to the states leaving the next day. 

I agreed to meet him at Saraburi, roughly half way between Korat and Bangkok (where he lived) and the transaction went smoothly without any problems. The item was like new, in its original box with all the original software.

The item normally retails for 24,000 Baht onlione and isn't available anywhere in Thailand. The cheapest I could find a good condition used one on e-bay was around 14,000 Baht, add to that the shipping costs of $60 (2,000 Baht) plus import tax of 12.5% if I'm lucky, 2,200 (believe it or not Thai customs charge import tax on the shipping costs as well!) or 35% if I'm not so lucky - over 5,000 Baht. 

So I saved between 8,200 and 11,000 all in, not bad for 30 minutes of searching the website and a 4 hour round car journey to pick it up.

Craigslist is also useful if you have something to sell, but in my opinion due to the uncertain lifestyles led by a number of Farang within the Kingdom I think it's more of a buyers market.

Check Craigslist out for yourself, you never know what you might find on there, and who knows a massive bargain might be just around the corner?

Please click for Thailand's Craigslist website.

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