Krapow Moo Krob @ The 5 Way

Krapow moo krob is naughty dish. It is basically crispy pork belly in basil with chili and can be the best dish or the worst dish on the menu depending on how well they have crisped the pork fat, and how much meat there is on it. Gum Boots, a few doors down from the George & Dragon, have always had my favourite moo krob in Korat, but this spin off joint is just as good. The owners used to work at Gum Boots until they broke away in late 2013 to set up their own place near the 5 way junction. They have now moved to Yotha Road, just up from the Beer Garden on the corner with Pho Klang Road. It is run by a man and a woman and they sometimes have one extra staff member and the place is just getting busier and busier every time I go there.

I have been given it on good authority that their moo krob has improved and that it is now the premium moo krob in town, though my last visit did have a few pieces of fat too many in it.

You can either order and wait sitting on your motorbike, or take a seat in their pavement style open air restaurant and watch the world go by (mainly on scooters). Food arrives quickly, but if they are busy (which invariably they are), you may be waiting for 5-10 minutes tops. There's also a little shop next to them where you can get drinks and snacks whilst you wait.

Open: 10:30am - 9:00pm

Tel: 088-365-0412, 087-966-6245

Address: Yotha Road, Nai Muang, Korat (just up from the Beer Garden where Yotha Road crosses Pho Klang Road)

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