Golf Tip #2 - Lead with your left

This is the second in a short series of features detailing tips that should get you playing better golf and enjoying the game even more. As with everything in the Golf section of the site, it is brought to you by The Walrus, who we thank for the input and the support.

People understand golf in different ways. What you tell one person may not work for another, but if you say the exact same thing in a different way the other person may love it. Golf is not an easy game but it can be simplified. This is the second in a selection of tips that may or may not suit you. 

If you are the type who practices regularly, why not try one or two of these at the range and see if they work for you. If they do not suit you, simply stop trying them. For best results consult a PGA Professional or any Teacher who promotes SIMPLE teaching. Technical is not always best. Very often it's just a few tips to get you hitting the ball better and when this brings confidence you are ready to up the level of teaching to help you enjoy the Greatest Game in the World, a lot more.

Putting Tip #2 - Lead with your left

If you shot a free throw with your right hand only, you'd realize you need your left hand as a guide. The same is true on the greens: The left hand is the direction hand, and it's just as important as the right. Practice putting left-hand-only (as shown in the picture on the right), or have someone hold a club in front of your hands on the target line. Bump the grip with the back of your hand, not your fingers, as described in Putting Tip #1 - Use your fingers.

If you want to discuss these tips with fellow golfers why not pop along to The Walrus, which is quickly establishing itself as 'the' golfing pub in the city. Grab a beer, then sit and enjoy discussing any aspect of the Game of Kings and Gentlemanly Virtue to your hearts content in the company of similarly minded golfing fanatics. 

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