Curly Potato Sticks @ Fantasia Lagoon

If you find yourself wandering aimlessly through the Mall and are looking for something to do other than spend money and people watch, you can take a stroll through Fantasia Lagoon and either play some of the old skool computer games or try out some of the tasty snacks they have on offer.

The curly potato spiral stick is a relatively new thing to Korat, but they are cropping up in more and more places such as music fesitvals, annual markets in the city centre and at the Swat Cats games. If you haven't tried them, they almost perfectly combine the crispiness of a crisp (potato chip) with the mushiness and messiness of a chip (French fry). I have long been a fan of meats on sticks and it is part of the reason I have remained in Thailand for so long, but this is something truly special.

They can be ordered with a sprinkle of flavouring too, so take your pick: nori seaweed, paprika, hot & spicy, bbq, cheese, sour cream, onion, tom yam and pizza.

You can find the stall in the middle of the Fantasia Lagoon arcade centre at the Mall.

Price: 20 Baht

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