Chicken with Cashew Nuts @ Ozone

Ozone is a smallish bar, restaurant and live music venue situated next to Bung Talua or the Army Lake as a lot of farang know it. It is well attended on most evenings by an early twenties to mid thirties Thai crowd and a lot of students. 

They feature live bands every night playing Thai pop, indie and rock covers. The venue offers a lot of variety with the bands changing on most evenings. Please call the venue if you want the latest information on who is playing and when.

The offer a typical Thai menu. I went for chicken with cashew nuts and khao pat moo (fried rice with pork).

The chicken dish was excellent with big chunks of tender chicken and crunchy vegetables, a delicious sauce and plenty of cashew nuts. It contained chicken, red peppers, onions, spring onions, coriander, with a sauce which was a mixture of oil, oyster sauce and fish sauce. As the photo suggests, it was a little oily.

The khao pat moo wasn't half as good as the chicken and cashews and tasted average at best, but what do you expect from a fried rice?

My meal unfortunately suffered from the all too common habit of Thai restaurants taking no interest in time management. The rice arrived at least 30 minutes before the chicken dish which meant that by the time the main meal got to the table it was cold and nowhere near as nice as it would have been if the two meals were served hot and at the same time #Firstworldproblems

I think the review would have been much fairer on the rice if they had got their timings right but I can only talk about the meal as it was presented so here we go.

I must however re-iterate that the chicken with cashew nuts was absolutely delicious so the cooks obviously know what they are doing, it's just that they didn't think my complete order through before preparing it. Usually when I have had this problem in the past (very common in Thai restaurants!), the rice arrives last and I end up having to plough through a dish of rice when I'm full, so it made a change from that! 

Beer Info: Ozone has always done excellent beer promotions. The current promotion is 3 large bottles of Singha for 210 Baht. Which is an unbeatable price anywhere else.

Open: 7:00pm till around 12:30am (Everyday)

It is situated on Soi 13 Dech Udom next to Bung Talua.

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