Summer Rolls @ Le Danang

Gỏi cuốn, also known as Vietnamese fresh rolls, salad rolls, or summer rolls, are a great introduction to the pleasures of Vietnamese cuisine if your new to it.

The meal arrives at the table in five different parts. The first is a bag of Bánh tráng cuốn, which is thin rice flour sheets dried into what is commonly called 'rice paper', the second is the main platter which contains cut Vietnamese sausage, sliced chill, sliced garlic, sliced cucumber, sliced mango, and a type of sliced Thai apple. 

In the centre of the platter is a bowl of nước chấm or peanut sauce. The third and fourth elements are two small dishes containing chopped peanuts and a chill sauce which are added to the peanut sauce to taste. The final element is a big bowl containing a variety of long leafed mixed herbs/leaves.

The food is prepared at the table by the customers by taking a sheet of rice paper and dipping it into a bowl of water that is also provided. Once the sheet as softened it is then placed on a plate and the other ingredients are added to taste, normally a single piece of sausage, a few pieces of whatever accompaniments tickle your fancy, a little of one or more of the herbs provided and a big dollop of peanut sauce to finish. The sides of the rice paper are then folded in on themselves and it's ready to eat.

All the ingredients are fresh and the variety of tastes available by adding different ingredients and herbs to each rice paper sheet provides an interesting and delicious meal.

This is also a great meal to have with children who get absorbed in the making of the meal on the table.

Available in two sizes for couples or families at 120 Baht and 180 Baht respectively.

Le Danang also offers a loyalty card which gives you 10% off all their meals including drinks. If you love your Vietnamese food it's a great investment.

Le Danang is situated on San-Prasit Road not far from Stories and Ban Korat.

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