Get a Haircut @ Rungnapa's

There are lots of barber shops in Korat, but I have had different outcomes depending on where I go. I have left some with a Thai schoolboy haircut, some with a comb over, some with my hair longer than when I went in and some with a skin head. I can thoroughly recommend Rungnapa's Haircuts near Yamo Market. She has an air-con room with old school barber shop seats and does a great job.

Rarely is there a queue, so you can easily squeeze in a haircut at lunchtime. It usually takes me about 20 minutes all in, though I do get the simplest of all hair do's (if you can even call it that?) She is inquisitive and will remember you the next time you go in, but she is not overly chatty unless you start a conversation. In my opinion, the perfect combination for a hair dresser. If you are not in the mood, you can just sit there in peace and quiet.

Her shop has just moved down the road, and is now on Soi King Swai Rieng near Talad Yamo Market. Walk away from the waterfall at the Mall, down the soi directly in front of you. Turn right onto Soi Swai Rieng Road. The shop is on your right hand side.

Open: Everyday except Wednesday

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