Evening Buffet @ Sima Thani Hotel

A number of the better hotels in Korat and across Thailand offer both afternoon and evening buffets and the ones at the Sima Thani can be some of the best you'll get anywhere.

The reason I say 'can be', is that it's very hit and miss. It's never bad, but is sometimes exceptional and at other times a little average. Why this is I have no idea, maybe the standards slip when the Head Chef has a night off?

But to be fair it's exceptional a lot more often than it's average so I probably shouldn't be so critical. This might also confirm my Head Chef theory? That small issue aside, if your there when it's at it's best you'll get one of the best buffets going.

The choice is genuinely un-listable.
For starters you have a choice of three soups - a western version such as their delicious Sweetcorn Soup or some other creamy offering, a Thai soup - Braised Duck on my last visit, or Miso soup for the many Japanese guests.

The soup is served with a large selection of home made breads and proper butter. A great start to any meal.

For the main course you can select from any of the following:

Western Buffet - normally a chicken, beef or pork dish with a gravy or thick sauce and sides of flat fried potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, asparagus, and the list goes on.

Western Cooked to Order - beef fillet, pork, chicken and fish steaks are all available to be cooked to order by the hotels chefs. You actually choose which and how many of what steak you want as well as how you want it prepared. They can be cooked alone or mixed with a number of sauces such as Pepper or Mushroom. Additional vegetables such as onions and mushrooms can also be added.

Italian Cooked to Order - numerous pasta based Italian dishes can be prepared for you with whatever ingredients you specify or try one of their suggested meals such as Spicy Seafood Spaghetti.

Sushi Bar - not only serves numerous types of sushi (their Smoked Tuna Sushi is to die for) but also Teriyaki and Sashimi, both salmon and tuna. The usual accompaniments of wasabi, soy sauce, pickled ginger, and Kimchi are also available.

Thai - a large selection of buffet dishes such as Chicken with Cashew Nuts, Thai Red Curry, etc.

Chinese - a selection of Chinese dishes with pork, bean sprouts and noodles.

Vietnamese - a selection of spring rolls and do it yourself wraps are available including all the ingredients,

Drinks - both fruit juices and soft drinks are included in the buffet price. The normal selection is available.

And if that simply isn't enough they offer the best selection of deserts anywhere. And unlike the hit and miss'ness of the food on different evenings the puddings are always of the highest quality (maybe the Pastry Chef never has a night off?). Sweets include a selection of Ice Cream, fresh fruit, Thai desserts, Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Eclairs (incredibly moresome), Mini Muffins, Mini Sponge cakes, and the list again goes on and on.

Being a buffet you can eat as much as you like of whatever you like, so try a bit of western food, followed by some Vietnamese, then pop over for some Japanese and finish it all off with some of America's finest - a chocolate brownie or two.

One word of advice is to get their early, some of the buffet selection looses it's flavour if it stands for too long so between 6:00pm and 7:00pm is the best time to arrive.

It isn't cheap at 329 Baht per person for the evening buffet (they also do an afternoon buffet which is smaller and less expensive), but when you consider that your eating in a four-star Hotel, it includes your soft drinks and your puddings, and you can eat as much as you like from any of the cuisines on offer it's incredible value for money.

The restaurant itself, as you would expect at a three and a half-star hotel and like everything at the Sima Thani, is of the highest standard, with fine decor (Lilly white table cloths), quality service and even a pianist to keep you entertained.

Very highly recommended if the Head Chef is working, highly recommended on any other night.

The Sima Thani is located on Mittraphap Road just past the first big fly-over as you enter the city from Bangkok. 

Tel: 044 213 100

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