Pad Krapow Tuna @ Yen Hey

Yen Hey is a lovely café and gets very busy after school at about 5:00pm with lots of students eating and drinking snacks, but at other times of the day, you can have it to your self. It's air con inside makes it ideal for hotter days and they have wifi too if you are that way inclined. The menu has a mix of Thai and western food (sandwiches, steaks, pastas, breakfasts) and lots of coffees and smoothies to choose from.

They have a very tasty tuna fried rice which arrives quickly and offers great value for money. I am a big fan of most fried rice, but it is really nice to try it with tuna instead of the usual chicken or pork. The tuna gives the dish a stronger flavour and it works really well if you put a bit of fish sauce and some chilis on it too. I drowned it in black pepper too, cos that's the kind of person I am. The rice has a lovely dark colour to it so it has a lot more flavour than the more bog standard plain tasting white (or less cooked) fried rice.

They have triangle sandwiches outside in the fridge at the front of the shop, sold in the clear triangular sandwich boxes you get in most supermarkets and petrol stations in the UK. I've never seen that before in Thailand, let alone Korat! Must give them a try next time.

Open: 7:00am everyday

Tel: 044 242 588, 081 304 8787

Address: 563 Jomsurangyard Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000

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