Salmon Rush Dee @ Tomodachi

Tomodachi is in the Old Town inside the moat, on the north side on Manat Road between Yommarat Road and Pon Saen Road.

The salmon teriyaki arrived quickly and is really tasty. It is sweet and has a rich dark soy and glazed finish. The salmon is quite big, but not too thick. I got left to eat it with chopsticks, and I have to say that although I have a good grasp of them, cutting into a piece of salmon elegantly was beyond me so I folded and asked for some cutlery.

I find Tomodachi is a good option if you are in a rush. The food comes quickly and is not too filling. If you are in the middle of town and are running errands, stop in and grab a bite. If you are looking for an evening meal, have more time or you want something bigger, perhaps order a few different dishes, but this hits the spot for a snack.

You can order the same salmon cutlet in 'shio' format which is the salted version. Both cost just 80 Baht. I can't resist the pun... Salmon Rush Dee!

Open: 11:00-14:00 & 16:00-22:00 (Closed Tuesdays)

Tel: 083 375 5149

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