​Why do I study at ​Korat Thai School ​with​ Tutor Usanee​?

Before I moved my life and my belongings to Korat for good, I tried to learn a bit of Thai language in my home country. Tuition was offered by some sort of vocational college for adults, the German teacher being really talented in Thai. We were taught the spoken language only, it helped for a start.

So I came to Thailand with a decent, but still basic understanding of the language and then carried on with my family and with friends, shop keepers, staff in restaurants and the like to practice pronunciation, learn and memorise new words.

Some time later I was on a Thai Airways flight to Europe and the stewardess told me right away "I don't have to guess, you are definitely from Korat" referring to my accent and specific local expressions you would not use in Bangkok…

This was a key experience for me, and encouraged me to look for a good tutor in Korat to teach me the language with foremost importance on writing and reading Thai. With my sketchy Thai language history, I now started learning the language from the bottom again; it was and still is hard to correct pronunciation mistakes I had made over a decade but the very systematic and logical approach of Teacher Usanee helped and I even enjoyed looking at the complicated rules of the language.

I do remember, though, how disillusioned I was at the point we went into the low, middle, and high classes of consonants and the tutor telling me that tone marks in one consonant class do not represent the same sound as the same tone marks in another consonant class. Instead, the same tone mark will have a different tone! For me that was quite a bit of mental work to play through the full matrix of different consonant classes, with and without a selection of tone marks – I compare this system a bit to music: The musical note G is not a G sound anymore once it is followed by b- flat or #- sharp. I have to pay full attention to my "Thai sounds and tones" all the time, the same as playing the piano. 

I may close here by adding two annotations:

At no point did I ever feel frustrated or bored during my more than 2 years in Usanee's school, class was always interesting, lively, and highly informative.

And Usanee never got frustrated and never gave up on a student like me, who makes certain mistakes over and over again – in such cases she just rolls the programme back to the time we learned about this problem first, explains it again, practices and maybe quietly hopes that this time I will grasp it…

For me, learning here means good and lasting results, fun, and a world of stories, examples, newspaper analysis, Thai culture and so forth which are not necessarily part of my daily life away from the big city of Korat 

Werner from "Out of Khorat" (sic), August 2015

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