Watch Red Jungle Fowl @ Khao Yai

Why would anyone want to travel all the way to Khao Yai with it's incredible wildlife - elephants, crocodiles, Asiatic Sun Bears, deer and numerous species of monkey to look out for something called a Red Jungle Fowl? The answer is that Red Jungle Fowl have played a more important part in the development of human beings than all the species listed above combined. Confused? You should be.

Red Jungle Fowl are the original species from which all chickens on earth are descended. And since chickens are the most common bird species on earth and chicken meat is the second most eaten protein on earth (just behind Pork), without the humble little Red Jungle Fowl all our lives would be significantly different. They feed on seeds, insects,and fruit, and are native only to south eastern Asia including eastern India, southern China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. They prefer open woodland and scrub areas, grassland, plantations and agricultural areas.

In terms of their call you won't be surprised to learn that they give the familiar cock-a-doodle-do of their domestic cousins, but it's slightly more high pitched and the call ends more abruptly making it more of a cock-a doodle-do! as opposed to -doooooooo. They can be observed all over the park but I have found that the best place to see them is feeding and scurrying about (exactly as their cousins do on farmyards) on the right hand side (the forest side as opposed to the over the edge side) of the steep windy road just after the northern entrance to the National Park.

Look out for them next time you're in Khao Yai, they are wonderful and when you're watching them you just can't help smiling knowing that they alone are solely responsible for every KFC restaurant on earth. FF

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