Imported Beers @ The Mall

The Mall has always sold the best selection of foreign goodies when it comes to food and snacks, but it appears they have now upped their game in the beer section too.

They are now stocking 3 different Chimay beers, 3 different Leffes and Hoegaarden.

Korat's imported beer fad continues and if we can help support all those who are trying to bring foreign beers to Nakhorn Ratchasima, there is a good chance that they could be here to stay.

They are not cheap, but they are also not weak. If beer can ever be referred to as a religion, then Chimay is certainly a religious beer. The Chimay Brewery is in southern Hainaut, Belgium. It is located in the Scourmont Abbey, and is one of only ten breweries worldwide that produce Trappist beer (a special beer from a Trappist monastery).

The Leffe on offer includes the Radieuse in the purple bottle. It's an 8.2% amber-coloured beer, rich in flavour and deliciously refined. The only way to know what that means is to drink one yourself, so that's exactly what I am off to do.


Chimay = 215 Baht
Leffe = 140 Baht

Please click for the Chimay website.

Please click for the Leffe website.

Where are they? Go to the back of Fresh Mart (the supermarket in the Mall) and look in the small alcoholic drinks section.

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