Get your inner tube changed @ Mechanic in town

Most people who drive a motosigh will have had the misfortune of getting a flat tyre, and the pleasure of finding a mechanic within a 2 minute walk who can fix you right as rain again. Riding a bike with a flat tyre is likely to rip the inner tube to shreds and ruin any chance you have of simply repairing it with a rubber sticker. Instead, driving around looking for a place to fix your bike could cause more damage and end up costing you more in the long run.

I tend to get of the bike and push it round the corner to the nearest place (suffering the horrible combination of sweltering heat and torrid shame of pushing a bike and looking like you have run out of petrol). This has served me well for so long in Korat, but since I moved to the centre of town, I have really struggled to find a mechanic near Suranaree Road and the area just to the west of Thao Suranaree. Cue my delight when I discovered a tiny 'shop' outside Wat Muang where Buarong Road meets Suranaree Road.

Next time you're out of luck in the middle of town, he's a good option, and in just 5 minutes he had my inner tube changed and I was back on the road again. Huge nail had gone through my tyre. 120 Baht, job done.

Be warned, he has no business card and his opening hours are Thai style.

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