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The word 'steak' is scattered about all too easily in Thailand. I don't think that I had even heard it refer to anything that wasn't beef before having moved to Korat, but here it almost defines any piece of any type of meat that you have to use a knife and fork to eat.

Well, I am going back to the real definition, and here is a (not definitive) guide to some of Korat's best beef steak.

Top dollar Wagyu steak @ Chez Andy Swiss Restaurant & Steak House.When the order was taken, I was asked how I wanted my steak. Without wanting to look uncivilised, I decided to go medium rare (I'm used to over cooking Thai steaks) and it came perfectly cooked. It was beautifully browned on the outside and when I cut into it, the beef had a bright red centre and a lovely jus teasing its way out. It tasted special without any of the extras on the side. The beef was tender, well seasoned and my knife went though it as if it was butter. My teeth had nothing to do! To accentuate the steak's natural flavour, Andy had prepared 4 delicious sauces: pepper, mushroom, a slightly chili flavoured steak sauce and the piece de resistance... Cafe de Paris (OMG). I could have eaten a litre of the last sauce on it's own, it was a rich creamy peppery delight that dreams are made of. A strong flavour, but light and whipped, now an infamous sauce to sit aside many a steak in European restaurants. It came served with a creamy mushroom risotto on the side, broccoli topped with shaved almonds and cherry tomatoes, served with a garnish of fresh rosemary. This is not a cheap option (at over 2,000 Baht), but it is something else!

Chez Andy also has other cheaper steaks on the menu that are also very tasty. Here is a previous promotion he had on: 

You can also get a good fillet mignon Sunday lunch (when it's on rotation - they change every week between beef steak, pork, chicken and lamb) or a super steak wrap at The Walrus Pub, made with beef supplied by Korat Chef. It's very tasty and comes at a very reasonable price. You get a beautifully tenderised and seasoned fillet mignon steak served on a bed of mash with mushrooms, red cabbage and Noi's special sauce, all excellently cooked

Save One Pizza Shop does a good steak roll, which is basically steak pieces pushed together to form a burger. Massive and very good beef. It's a bit further out of town, but you can have a walk around the market afterwards to burn off some of the calories!: 

If you ever head out Pak Chong way, you can try the Chochai steak burger or one of their steaks. It's a large farm on the left hand side of the road on the way to Bangkok, and they have a steak house and burger diner as well as a burger van and recently added steak kebab stall. They are made with European cattle. Very tasty and a good quality meat and you can get decent milk whilst you are there: 

There is also a guy with a cowboy hat at the 2nd Night Bazaar that sells very nice steaks (make sure you pay 150 Baht, not 89 Baht to get the better beef). They are very juicy and tender, and come served with a side of french fries, salad (ask for it without the sweet salad cream mayo) and an attempt at garlic bread.

Coffee Pitini does a good steak too and you can order a nice Philli Cheesesteak Sandwich at R Lom Dee in Joho or a New York Steak Sandwich at The Beer Garden in the middle of town:

For a Thai take on steak, you can even try excellent value buffets at T-Bone Steak: 

Alternatively, you could just get a tenderised steak from Korat Chef and cook it yourself. Can't go wrong.

For more steak listings, check out the 'steak' search on What's On Korat: 
(though not all the results are relevant).

Directions are at the bottom of all the reviews. Good luck making your mind up. 

If you don't try any of these places out, it will be a huge missed steak!

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