Renew Your Driver's Licence

In order to renew your car driver's licence after the first year of having a licence in Thailand, you must go to the purple building on the right hand side of Tesco Lotus near the Mall (looking from the Mittraphap Road). Head to the second floor and sit in the waiting room.

You will need the following documents and papers:
  • Passport
  • Photocopy of most recent visa and entry stamp and photo page in your passport
  • Work permit (if you don't have a work permit, you will need paperwork from immigration that has your address on it)
  • Photocopy of all the pages in your work permit that have writing on them
  • Expired driver's licence
  • Photocopy of expired driver's licence
  • Tax card (if you don't have it, use your receipt for the tax payment)
  • Photocopy of your tax card or receipt of tax payment
  • Medical certificate (this can be obtained from any hospital or doctor's clinic with varying degrees of simplicity. Some places just give it to you, others will take blood and do a thorough checkup. Prices therefore vary from 20-250 Baht and it stays valid for a month so you don't have to go the day you are doing your renewal)
No photos are necessary, they take one for you.

Make sure that all your photocopies are signed before handing them in.

After submitting all your documents, you will have to wait for the tests. There are 4 main tests that you will have to complete, though all are merely a formality:
  • Brake test - they tell you to brake and you have to put your foot down. It's a reaction time test.
  • Colour blind test - they will point to a chart with lots of different coloured circles on it, and you tell them what colour the circle is. You will possibly be asked 4 or 5 colours.
  • Depth perception test - you must control a vertical indicator and bring it in line with another.
  • Peripheral vision test - lights will turn on to your far right or left and you must say what colours they are.

When all the tests are finished, you will have to wait for your name to be called. They will take your photo for your licence and ask for the payment of 605 Baht (if you have changed your address since the last licence was obtained, you will have to pay an extra 50 Baht).

The whole procedure takes about an hour, depending on how many people are queuing (an hour if there are 15 people), but once you have renewed it, you are good to go for another 5 years.

Car tax and insurance can be purchased on the ground floor of the same building.

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