Get a Free Haircut @ Around Town

Ajarn Prayon is a hairdressing teacher who does free haircuts at different places in town from Monday to Friday. He sets up stalls with a few barbers according to the day of the week, as follows:

Monday: Suvanakhon Market by the 7 Eleven at Maharat Hospital

Tuesday: Chainarong Gate (The Ghost Gate) on the south side of the moat near The Punjadara Hotel

Wednesday: Na Salakan, by Korat's municipal buildings on Mahatthai Road where the annual BBQ Festival is often held

Thursday: Maharat Hospital

Friday: Phon Saen Gate (on Prajak Road and Phon Saen Road)

It looks to me to be a better option for males wanting a cheap haircut, though I am sure he wouldn't turn women away. Be warned, the barbers are mainly trainees and you may end up with a shorter back and sides than you bargained for. I would recommend this place to people who have resigned themselves to buzz cuts, like myself.

Open: They are open from 9:00am until 4:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. On Thursdays they are only there from 9:30am until 2:00pm.

In fact, if you are looking to become a barber, you can even learn with Ajarn Prayon and get a certificate. He charges 5,500 Baht for a 3-4 month hairdressing course.

Paul Wicker

Ajarn Prayon info:

Tel: 087 876 6959, 087 875 0600

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