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Farang-Thai relationships can be very difficult. Many times it is because of the age old difficulties of living with another person which everyone has regardless of race, culture or up-bringing. But I have noticed that in Thailand even more problems are caused by partners not understanding each other's way of thinking, way of doing things, way of reacting to problems as well as many other cultural idiosyncrasies. 

It takes a long time to understand a partner, many people think no one person can actually ever be 100% understood. But if help is available, it can be used to ease conflict and hopefully make a more enjoyable and fulfilling relationship.

And it is in the form of a book called Thailand Fever. It is written by Chris Pirazzi and Vitida Vasant a Farang husband-Thai wife partnership and gives both authors viewpoints on a number of common relationship stumbling blocks. The left side of each page is written in English, while the right side is in Thai, so you can even read it together with the wife or girlfriend if your feeling ridiculously romantic. It's a great read, and so much of it seems obvious when it is clearly explained, even though prior to the explanation your partners actions or reactions seem quite bizarre.

I would recommend it for anyone who is either in, or thinking about being in, a serious Farang-Thai relationship. It will smooth out the low points and heighten the high points of a relationship by improving both your, and your partners knowledge of the differences in the way you both think about things.

Thailand Fever is available from the book shops in The Mall, from all other good book shops and online. FF

Price: 495 Baht

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