Beer Lao @ Falling Rain

According to Frank Zappa, ‘You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.’

Thailand has it's fair share of beers in Leo, Singha, Chang, Archa, Cheers and so on, and a world class airline in Thai Airways. I'm not so sure about the nukes, but they have a football team (albeit not the same football as I assume Frank to be referring to). Thailand is a country.

Laos is more than a country. It has an airline (perhaps not the safest), a football team, no nukes that I know off, but a beer of such distinction that its claim to be a nation cannot be denied. Beer Lao is the love child of European brewing and S.E. Asian charm. I am a Leo drinker myself and am passionate about it, but when given the opportunity to indulge in Beer Lao, I don't think twice. It is one thing that makes a trip the the Thai embassy in Vientiane bearable. There have been a few places in Korat that have sold it off and on depending on supply, but I have managed to locate a permanent source of Asia's finest lager beer.

Falling Rain is a small off licence (liquor store) next to the car park opposite Klang 2 (right by Ginza Entertainment). It has an excellent variety of beers, wines and liquors and is open until late (past midnight and often up until 2am). You will be able to buy alcohol past midnight though you will have no such luck on Thai public holidays.

A small bottle of Beer Lao will cost you 65 baht, much cheaper than some of the other premium beers on sale. If you haven't yet tried it, treat yourself to a bottle and it will change your Asian ex-beer-ience.

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