Khao Mok Gai @ Bibi

If you like biryanis, khao mok gai is the Thai dish for you. Bibi's on Pho Klang Road does a good one. ​Occasionally I ​am​ pleasantly surprised to see them preparing a delicious beef curry too.

Although it's Thai cuisine, this is pretty much authentic Indian cooking!

Khao ​m​ok ​g​ai (Indian​ ​style​ ​yellow​ ​​rice ​cooked ​with​ ​chicken) is a Muslim dish that resembles a chicken biryani. Flavoursome chicken leg or thigh cooked in yellow rice with cloves, ginger, curry powder, turmeric cardamom pods and cinnamon. The result is an almost Indian style rice dish that comes served with a wonderfully tangy ​and hot; in both senses of the word; ​tom yum chicken broth. The restaurant itself is not up to much, like a normal Thai rice shop, but as a place to stop by and grab a bite for lunch, it is central, has great food and you’ll get served within minutes of sitting down. I see this as a great place to pick up a lunch if I am passing by, or to meet someone for a quick bite in the middle of town.

The dish has a lovely mix of flavours and textures and the rice is not too spicy. The tom yum broth packs a punch and can leave you coughing if you’re not prepared for its potency. A small side plate of cucumber salad/relish completes the meal.

If you are ordering to take away, be sure to ask for the extras (soup and relish).

Price: 40 Baht (regular size – though large or ​"​piset​"​ portion may be ordered for 50 Baht)

You can also get nice khao mok gai in the foodcourts of The Mall and Terminal 21. The place that does it at The Mall also does a lovely slow cooked beef/oxtail stew/soup​, a chicken and potato curry​ and ​a ​massaman curry.

​Bibi Info​

Open: 7am - 4pm (Everyday)

Address: 495 Phoklang Road, Korat, 30000

Tel.: 044 274 225 (Restaurant), 081-3608111 (mobile), 085-7786786 (mobile)

​Directions: Bibi is on Pho Klang Road, near the corner with Yotha Road. It's on the same side of the road as Sukhanaree Road, ​with a few food stalls out in front of it, so it is set back off the road somewhat and is missable. Keep an eye out for the orange sign written in Thai and English.

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