Visit The Happiness Lounge at SFX Cinema @ Central Plaza

The Happiness Lounge at SFX Cinema in Central Plaza, Korat is impressive and very good value.

You get a reception in the "Happiness Lounge" where you are served a variety of 4 flavours of popcorn (salted, paprika, cheese or caramel), you get free flow soft drinks (Coke, Sprite, Fanta or water) and you can have as many chocolate brownies as you like - though for some reason brownies must be consumed outside the cinema screen hall. 

Once you've got yourself kitted out with snacks and drinks in the reception lounge, you head though to the adjacent VIP screen and settle down to watch the movie of your choice in style. There's a choice of double bed, quad bed or Lay-Z-Boy, with blankets, pillows, pull out table, and a toilet next door to the screen so you can drink til you burst and not worry about the usual half-mile walk causing you to miss half the film.

For 350 Baht per person, this is a steal. Ultra comfort, and the snacks/drinks would usually cost a few hundred Baht alone!

Highly recommended.

The Mall has a slightly more exclusive VIP screen at their Major Cineplex, but it is 500- 550 Baht per ticket (weekends being more expensive), where you get served a glass of fruit juice and a cake in the theatre.

Both are great experiences, but it must be said that SFX is better value.

SFX Cinema Central Plaza info

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