Korean/Japanese Dress Up and Photoshoot @ Fancy Studio

Everyone enjoys a little bit of dressing up especially children so if your in Save One Market with some time on your hands try Fancy Studio which is a small air-conditioned costume shop/photo studio located on the right hand side of the main track which the extended golf carts travel on before reaching the back end if the market.

There is no need to book an appointment, you just need to turn up, choose from the vast selection of Korean, Japanese, Chinese or Indian traditional costumes. Then choose your accessories which range from hair bands and traditional footwear to massive Geisha bows and Samurai swords.

It's then just a case of putting the clothes on, being traditionally made up if needed, then adopting the poses while the photographer takes the pictures and guides you through the photo shoot. 

The pictures, usually around 10 per costume are then downloaded onto a Computer before being transferred to a CD for you to take home or to a local photoshop which can print the photos in larger sizes. Then just pop along to a framer and you'll have something new and original to hang on your walls.

Costumes for the photoshoot cost between 99 Baht and 350 Baht for the really ornate ones with all the accessories.

Tel: 087 388 4440

Address: Save One Market, Korat

Directions: Move through the market from the main entrance and you will arrive at a square which features Thai antique shops around the edges and 'cool car' sellers ( a group of sellers, all of which have excellent condition cool vintage cars and campervans) in the middle. Then carry on forward and a little to the left on the main drag towards the very back of the market. Fancy Studio is on the right hand side of this track.

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