Magners Cider @ The Monkey Bar

Five or six years ago it was impossible to get hold of Cider in Korat, the available choice was beer, beer, more beer or whiskey and spirits. But thankfully things have changed and it's now possible to get ciders in a number of the bars across the city.

One of the best is Magners Apple Cider which is available from The Monkey Bar for 160 Baht for a 500cl can. I know this is expensive compared to a big bottle of Leo but let's be honest, we all fancy a cool cider sometimes especially if your drinking with friends outside on a hot sunny afternoon.

The colour is an orangey gold. A little like toned down apple juice. And the smell is more apple-y than I’ve sniffed for a long time. Not overpowering by any means. Simply a nice, rich smell of apples. Just as a cider should be in my opinion.

A few gulps in, and I’m enjoying this one. The taste is like the smell. And exactly what I expect from a cider; apple-y. Not too strong, simply a good taste of the fruit this is made from. As for the character, it’s not too dry and not too sweet, it seems well balanced.

What do I like about Magners Original Irish Cider? In a word - flavour - It actually has a flavour, unlike so many other ciders. It’s not dry. It does what it promises on the label in that it’s crisp and refreshing, perfect for warm Korat afternoons. Recommended.

Price: 160 Baht for 500cl

Monkey Bar Info

The Monkey Bar is open every day from 9:30am till midnight. 

Address: 423/425 Suranaree Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000 (opposite Siripatana Hotel underneath World Snooker)

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