Buy a silly looking motorbike @ a Yamaha Dealer

Where do I start? Is it a motorbike? Is it a scooter? Is it a Tuk Tuk in reverse? Not quite sure what it is, but Yamaha say that the Tricity is the future of city travel and that it will open the doors to non-scooter riders who are looking for an alternative to public transport.

Featuring a light and compact 3-wheel design, and driven by a smooth and economical 125cc engine with fully-automatic transmission, the new Tricity LMW concept is designed to bring a commuting revolution to the streets of Korat.

With its compact dimensions and low weight, the Tricity's 3-wheel design offers a confidence-inspiring and enjoyable ride, while the weather-beating bodywork and large storage space underlines its daily practicality.

Lighter, slimmer and more agile than other 3-wheelers, the Tricity marks a new urban direction for Yamaha, and with its competitive price it has the potential to transform the lives of many urban commuters.

As far as we know two Tricities have already been sold in Nakhon Ratchasima so keep your eyes open for one, the owners obviously didn't. If your interested in buying one then visit any of the Yamaha dealers in the city, then visit one of the many excellent local opticians for a check up. It will cost you about 79,500 Baht and a lot more than that in friends starting to suddenly not return your calls.

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