Da Endorphine @ Check In 28th June 2014 - A Review

Da Endorphine are a Thai rock and pop band from Bangkok who have been active since 2004 after forming in high school. They are one of the biggest bands in Thai rock and play huge concerts all over Isan and other parts of Thailand.
On 28th June, 2014, Da and the band performed at the Thai Check In in Korat. It's a big open air Thai bar/nightclub with a mezzanine around the main lower seating area. It was a real sell-out and there was a great atmosphere well before Da come on to perform, with live music and DJ's getting people in the mood for one of the biggest concerts to have come to Korat for a while.
Tables cost 2,000 Baht for 4 people and up to 2 extras were able to get seats for a further 200 Baht per person, with each table getting a litre of Red Label as part of the deal. This led to a fantastic vibe by the time she opened with Pap Luan Tda (ภาพลวงตา). She was sporting a new short blond/white hairdo, but to be honest, she would look amazing with a Sinead O'Connor! 

The energy was great and the crowd, which consisted of over 60% single ladies, sang along to almost every lyric. It had the feel of a huge concert in a pub back home as Da was so close to everyone on a low stage and interacted very well picking out individuals for banter. The band played well too.
Just to avoid any confusion Da Endorphone played at Thai Check In not at The Check Inn. Thai Check In is the large bar on the left hand side if you are going from Maharat Hospital towards The Pegasus Hotel. It's most distinctive feature is the 10 foot model of The Hulk outside with a life sized Spiderman stood next to him.

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