Chicken Curry Puffs @ Farm Chock Chai

Farm Chock Chai is a great day out for the family, and is only just over an hour away in the car. As with most trips in Thailand, you can't get away with going there without buying one of the specialities of the area to take back to Thai friends. A classic example of this is the 'leafy treats' that are sold at the petrol stations all along the main roads of Thailand. Clear bags with random potato, banana, taro, etc. being sold by the ton just because someone says it is particularly special. I can't get my head around it.

Well, Chock Chai Farm offers something a little different. The curry puffs available at the souvenir shop are delicious and dead cheap too. You can buy a box of 10 for just 120 Baht. It is suggested that you keep them out of the fridge as they will go hard.

They are a little sweet, as to be expected, but they are small and morish with a great aroma and texture. Don't expect a Gregg's curry pasty, but you have to try them. Especially if you are in the Pak Chong/Muak Lek area.

Address: Chok Chai Farm, Mittrapap Road, Pak Chong

Please click for the Chock Chai Farm website.

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