Pork Steak Café de Paris @ Chez Andy

Chez Andy Swiss Restaurant & Steak House in Korat was opened on the 2nd April 2002 and is now one of the most popular restaurants in Nakhon Ratchasima for Thais, Japanese and westerners.

Diners especially appreciate the quality and professional preparation of each individual dish as well as the atmosphere and cleanliness that bring about the feel of being in a European restaurant. Andy and his staff keep the place spic and span, with what must be the cleanest windows of any restaurant in Isan!

The restaurant is owned by Chef Andreas Muller and his wife Nock, who initially had another successful branch on Koh Samui before concentrating on their family life together here in Korat.

With nearly 50 years experience at the top of the international gastro scene (since 1967), Chez Andy and his team offer one of the best European style dining experiences in the Isan region, if not Thailand.

Every time I go to Chez Andy's I struggle to choose what I am going to order. I often spend a good 10 minutes perusing the menu whilst I munch away on the complimentary bowl of mixed bread and butter that is in front of me when I arrive.

After ordering a beer, and assessing how big my appetite is, I nearly always consider a pork dish with one of Andy's fantastic sauces. The Pork Steak with Peppercorn Sauce is full of peppery flavour and delicious, but the Pork Steak Café de Paris is where the money is. It’s a nice big piece of tender meat, with a light and creamy a complex butter-based sauce that was popularised in the 1940's at the famous Café de Paris restaurant in Geneva). It is served with a side of golden crispy French fries. Make sure that you save a few pieces of the bread from the starter to mop up the sauce because you won’t want to leave any on the plate. If Andy is about, you can maybe convince him to share with you some of his wonderful, very special mustard, which goes well with everything to be honest, but in particular the pork meals.

Chez Andy Swiss Restaurant & Steak House also have a nice Beer Garden, it's a great place to sit outside and enjoy the café restaurant style atmosphere, or sit inside and enjoy the wine bar they have on offer. 

A VIP customer card is available, which gives you 10% off all food and drinks. Ask for more information at the end of your meal.

Open: 11:00am - 11:00pm Monday - Saturday (Closed Sunday)

Tel: 044 289 556

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Address: 5 Ban Kob Kaew, Manat Road, Nakhon Ratchasima (about a hundred metres from the south end of the Night Bazaar)

Alan Bundy

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