Swedish Meatballs @ Fueang Nakhon Café

A real find for lunch today right in the middle of town. Not far from the Night Bazaar at the old Club 88 Bar. It's called Fueang Nakhon (lots of spellings, bit this is from their shop front; I would have gone with Feuang Nakhon, but hey ho!) and it has a decent food menu as well as a good list of coffees and iced drinks. The chocolate banana smoothie was particularly impressive. They are also an independent book shop, though predominantly, if not almost completely, Thai. The place is very relaxed and has aircon and wifi.

​You get ​10 - I think I lucked out with this order, getting 11 - pork meatballs with either mash or chips for just 89 Baht. You can pay a little more if you want beef. It is served with a sort of cranberry or redcurrant sauce, that is different to any sauce I have tried in Thailand.​ The meatballs are small, but tasty, and the sauce is made fresh. It's a good lunch time meal, and you can have it with 6 meatballs if you want a lighter meal.​

They may not be on the menu, but just ask for them. They are referred to as Swedish meat balls and had a dill and cream sauce. The chips were pretty killer too.

​They do a lot of the festivals like the BBQ festival and Yamo festivals, so will likely be closed when there is a fair on in Korat.​

If you are into puddings, you can ​also ​try their carrot cake, pumpkin cheesecake or Oreo mousse for afters.

Aldridge Prior

Fueang Nakhon Café info:

Open: 7:00am - 8:00pm (Every day)

Tel:​ ​0​44 005 678

Please click for the Fueang Nakhon Café Facebook Page

Address:​ Fueang Nakhon Café, Mahadthai Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000​

Directions:​ ​It is at the end of the Main Night Bazaar on Mahadthai Road just a few buildings down in the old Club 88 venue

Coordinates:​ ​14.97345,102.10493

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