Visit a temple @ Wat Sala Loi

If you are looking for an interesting daytime activity to do in the city centre, you could try visiting one of the most revered temples in Korat. Wat Sala Loi is to the north-east of the old town, about 500 meters from Rop Mueang Road, not far from the north-east corner of the moat.

Thao Suranari (Lady Yamo) and her husband built the temple back in the early 19th century in 1827 and it was awarded the best avant-garde religious building by the Siamese Architects Society in 1973.

It is a tall, single building temple with a dual Thai style roof. It is full of heritage with lots of Thais going to pay respects to Lady Yamo, and plenty of art work to take in. There are also people dancing and chanting at certain times of the year, and the temple fills up over religious holidays. You can release birds to make merit if you wish to, or simply go inside and pray.

The most impressive feature is the main hall, which is in the shape of a junk riding waves. The main hall also has a large standing white Buddha image and outside the front door is a plaster sculpture of Thao Suranari sitting and praying in the middle of a pond.

Local clay tiles from the nearby Dan Kwian pottery village on the way to Chok Chai, were used to decorate the building. They are designed to tell the life of Lord Buddha. The door is made of metal with raised relief decorative designs of the tale of Buddha. Besides the building is a small pagoda that at one point housed the ashes of Lady Yamo.

Address: Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima District, Nakhon Ratchasima

Phone: 044 803 024

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