Fly to Phuket or Chiang Mai with NewGen Air @ Korat Airport

Boarded NewGen Airways and ready to return to Korat by air for the first time. No need for Bangkok, no worries about New Year traffic. The plane is a Boeing 737-400 with 168 seat capacity; all are economy class. Flight is pretty much full with mainly Thais, quite a few Chinese and a handful, 5 or 6 "farangs". Plane is dated, most likely old Chinese short haul, and leg room is awkward for the foreign femur to squeeze into, but if my knee caps survive this, I would defo fly NewGen again for a long weekend in either Phuket or Chiang Mai. Better than an overnight bus or train.

Only 2 grumbles: AC was a bit weak during taxiing and the announcements during the flight were inaudible. They did provide peanuts and a small water bottle, which was nice.

Getting to Korat airport: They have a shuttle bus that is 150 Baht per person that takes people to and from The Mall. However, our taxi back tonight was on the meter and only cost 365 Baht = 315 + 50 Baht (airport surcharge).

Cheaper than taking the shuttle bus and then getting a taxi home from The Mall.

Timing: Flight was due to leave at 3:45pm from Phuket. We were ready for lift-off at 4:30pm. Arrived in Korat at 5:50pm, and straight through this end. We were in a taxi by 6pm and home in central Korat by 6:30pm.

Ticket cost: 1900 Baht down and 1600 Baht back. We're told prices will be 1300 Baht to 1600 Baht in the new year. Flight to Phuket from Korat was cancelled but replaced with Thai Lion flight from Don Meuang.

NewGen Airways Info:

Phone: +66 2 838 8383

Reservations can be made by phone or at the NewGen kiosk in the extension part of the Mall on the 2nd floor near the escalators for the bike parking.

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