Get your Isan On @ Tom Saep Kaen Khon

I'm very partial to a bit of Isan food, and one of my favourite places is called Tom Saep Khon Kaen. It’s opposite the old Kho Chang Seafood restaurant.

Our meal:
Som Tam Tray - ask for Tam Tat
Salted BBQ Fish - Pla Phao
Grilled Pork - Nam Tok Moo
Sticky Rice - Khao Niao

Most of you have probably tried som tam at some point. If like me you’re a fan, then take it to the next level with 'tam tat'. Tam tat as you can probably see by the picture is a som tam of your choice, but it’s served on a large round tray with loads of little sides to eat with it, fantastic! We counted 16 different items on ours, I didn’t like all of them it’s fair to say, but with that much choice it’s no surprise. What I did really like was the variety of flavours; there was salty, sweet, sour, plus all the different textures. 

There were pickles to freshen your palette, eggs that were creamy, three kinds of noodles, fishy things, fried things; and a lot more, it was an experience all by its self. Next time someone says let’s get som tam, impress the heck out of them by ordering tam tat ('tat' means tray in Thai, by the way.)

I also love the grilled pork, nam tok moo, it’s a bit like laab moo but with slices of slightly fatty meat instead of mince. It’s great, and something everyone should try.

My girlfriend loves pla phao, Salted BBQ Fish, which I’m glad of because I always order gai yang (BBQ chicken) and the fish makes a nice change. The fish comes with a big bowl of fresh herbs and salad, and two great dipping sauces, one sweet the other sour. I usually take a piece of fish; drop it onto a bit of salad or herb and cover in some sauce, loads of intense fresh flavours!

We also had sticky rice, some Thai foods really need to be eaten with sticky rice, and all of these dishes work much better with it. They do a very generous portion. Our meal came to less than 500 Baht, but was so big we couldn't finish it and took loads home; it could have easily fed three, maybe even four people. They have loads of other stuff on the menu too. So next time you feel like getting your Isan on, head over to Tom Saep Kaen Khon, you won’t regret it!

Address: Tom Saep Kaen Khon, Suebsiri Soi 3. 
Directions: Turn off Suebsiri Road onto Soi 3 and it’s on the left hand side about 200m down.


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