Chock Chai Steak Burgers @ Chok Chai Farm

Chok Chai is famous for its beef. The Thai-European cattle there are giant, milk providing, beefy monsters and that means (sad as it may be) that they taste great! The steak house on the way to Bangkok is popular, but the burger bar is my favourite place to eat Chok Chai beef. 

They have a diner style restaurant in the Chok Chai Farm complex which is an easy place to stop off at and grab a big juicy beef burger. Or you can try one of their burger stalls that tend to move about, but can be found at random petrol stations in the Khao Yai area, or at BBQ festivals in Korat from time to time. At one point, they even had a burger stall in the Home Fresh supermarket in the Mall, Korat.

The burgers are out of this world. It's the fact that the beef (you can have pork or chicken, but when in Rome...) is tender, full of flavour and served in a real sesame seed bun, with no added sugar or sweet undertones. 

If you're a burger buff, you have to go all out and order the Full Option. It's what the big boys eat, and it is a show stopper. The burger bun is crammed full with a big beef patty sitting on a bed of crispy iceberg lettuce, with cheese, bacon and onions balanced on top, all bound together with a mouth watering spicy mayo and BBQ sauce combo. If you weren't also provided with a grease proof paper grip covering half the burger, you'd finish up looking like a toddler the first time they've tried to feed themselves. It's messy. It's ugly. It's big. It's delicious. It's superb. If my words haven't sold it to you, just look at the picture!

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