Fried Maki @ Tomodachi

Tomodachi are constantly expanding their menu and experimenting with Japanese food. Their latest offering is Fried Maki, it isn't even on the menu yet but if you like the sound of it just ask.

The influence of Scottish culinary excellence has finally arrived in the kitchens at Tomodachi and they have decided in honour of the Scots to deep fry everything. Well not everything, but who knows, this one meal could lead to other Japano/Scottish experiments in fusion cooking. 

The Maki is basically the same as a traditional California Maki, i.e. mixed vegetables in vinegered rice sushi but with the addition of a batter coating, it's then deep fried. As we all know the Scots are world famous for their love of deep frying anything - Mars Bars, Haggis, Pizza, anything that isn't nailed down really, and this fascination may now have been picked up by the chefs at Tomodachi with their latest creation. Then again I may be wrong and it may just be a coincidence,

Surprisingly it tastes very different to normal California Maki, which isn't what I expected since the ingredients basically the same. The deep frying gave the sushi a nice crunch which is unusual when you eat sushi and a complete change from the taste of other sushi you normally enjoy as part of a full meal.

It comes served with a topping of Salmon Roe. light salad cream and black sesame seeds. Along with a big lump of Wasabi for you to mix with Soy sauce for that wonderful Wasabi hit.

Highly recommended because of the completely different taste sensation it provides compared to un-fried or should that be un-Scottish Sushi. TS

Price: 80 Baht for 4

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Opening times: 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-22:30

Address: Chomsurang Road, Korat - It's next to the gas station on Chomsurang Road. The gas station is the one not far from Klang Plaza on the same street.

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