Fly a model plane @ The Air Field near the King's Stadium

There is a decent model airplane shop on Jomsurangyat Road, which has been featured in the past, and now here is a decent airfield to go and get your plane up in the air!

Using Google Maps if you enter: 14.931111,102.030833, it should take you right to the airfield. If you then switch to Google Earth you can clearly see the layout of the place and if you zoom out a little you can see that it is quite close to the Kings 80th Anniversary Stadium.

Generally, late afternoon on a Saturday and Sunday, quite a few people go there to fly planes or just hang out and watch.

Flying festival's are also held there occasionally which are worth seeing, watch this space for details of when they are on.

Recently there was a guy with a scale model of a Super Decathlon with a 4 metre wingspan. Pretty impressive for a model plane that actually flies! The maiden flight went to plan, and it may make a few more appearances in the near future.

Overall, there is a good cross section of planes flown there and quite a few spectators too.

If you are into model aeroplanes, this is a great way to get out of the house and meet some new people, whilst showing off your aero acrobatics. Alternatively, just go along and watch.

Please click for our review of S Hobby Model Shop.


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