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If you have ever had the experience of having your hair cut or coloured in Korat, it might have turned out a disaster.

Have you ever gone in and asked for a trim and landed up with inches off your precious locks? How about asking for a few highlights and having your hair singed off?  Yeah well all of the above are par for the course of being a woman in Thailand and specifically Korat.

What needs to be taken note of is there are distinctly two different types of hair salons that you can frequent.

At the first type of salon, you can absolutely take your own shampoo and conditioner or treatment with you. Have your hair ‘cold water’ washed and get a scalp scrape from the hair washer’s super strong nails, oh and just in case you don’t wash at home, a good ear rinse as well. 

It is the most normal thing in the world for Thai woman to have her hair washed every couple of days in one of these salons and honestly for about 50 – 100 Baht it is well worth it. They wash and scratch your head three times before applying conditioner so you are bound to be able to go a good three days before you need to repeat the torture. A fair blow-dry / straighten is included too, all in about 30 minutes.  

Don’t ever, ever, ever ask one of these ladies to give you a trim – it will be an epic fail and you will not be happy. I PROMISE.

For a trim, cut, style or colour what you need is the other kind of hairdresser/stylist. The kind that has certificates up for you to read. You know, trained professionals. Having said that though, this doesn't make them worth their salt. It is only through trial and error that you will find a place that has experience with our finer, more sensitive hair. It is most unsettling to have a head full of foils only to have the first foils in the nape of the neck removed and the collection of hair with it.


Where to go? In my experience, stay away from the mall. They are pretty and reminiscent of salons we are accustomed to back home but they don’t have a clue how to work with our hair, especially when it comes to colour, and they are revoltingly expensive.

I have found a salon in the centre of town called Mods Hair. Mod has been internationally trained and continues to travel and update his professional profile (therefore he knows how to work with our hair and speaks a little English). Take along a picture and nothing will get lost in translation. He uses Wella colour and has a range of Bed Head products as well as being able to get his hands on any other products you might want (I walked in and asked for purple shampoo and he had it). 

He is very fairly priced. For highlights or colour you’re looking at about 1,800 – 2,000 Baht and a fantastic cut for 300 Baht. You can also get a cold water head scrape for 100 bucks too. He is open from about 1:00pm to about 8:00pm (unofficial times) and he’s closed on Sundays. He’s very popular so it’s best to pop in and book first (also an unheard of concept here).

Looking forward to seeing all you lovely new ladies in the local, sporting great colour and bangs real soon. 

Phone: 098 164 1060

Please click for the Mods Hair Facebook page.

Address: On the road about 50 metres directly behind Yamo Monument in the centre of the Old Town. Directly opposite Taifah City Electrical on Chompon Road.

Tammy Thamma

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