Find out the latest on Terminal 21 @ Korat

Terminal 21 have been busy and it looks like they will be open by October 2016.​ They will offer the biggest shopping centre in ​Nakhon Ratchasima with a gross area of 200,000 square metres over 7 floors. The car park will host 2,500 vehicles, and another 1,800 motorbikes. The estimated cost of the project is 6 billion Baht.

​The new mall will have a huge variety of shops and looks to be a real monster of a shopping centre in size and ​amenities. Here's what they have confirmed so far: an SF Group Cinema,
an Ice Skating Rink, a Supermarket, a Stationery Department, a Food Court (Pier 21), a Fitness Centre, an Amusement Park, The Power, a Category Megastore (Shoes & Bags, Menswear and Cosmetics), a Sport World, 400 Urbanista Shops, 200 Other Shops and a Multipurpose Hall.

Fact: Termianl 21, Korat will offer the longest escalator in a shopping mall in Thailand.

Each floor will have a theme according to a country or region. Here is what they have planned so far:

5th Floor - Hollywood Street
Supermarket / Take Home / Convenience & Services

4th Floor - San Francisco Street
Sense of Relaxation and Freedom 
Restaurant / Food Court PIER21 / Play Land / Hall

3rd Floor - Tokyo Street
Electric Zone / Urbanista Shops (Minishops)​ ​/ IT & Mobile

2nd Floor - Istanbul Street
Where East​ ​Meets​ ​West 
Stationery / Health & Beauty / Bank & Financial

1st Floor - London Street
Neighbo​u​rhood of Elegance and Refinement 
Fashion Brand Name Shops / Men’s Wear Megastore​ ​/ Sport / Watches

Ground Floor - Paris Street
World​'s​ Finest Fashion
Fashion Brand Name Shops / Cosmetic Megastore​ ​/ Shoes&Bag Megastore​ ​/ Jewelry

Lower Ground Floor - Carribean Street
Ambience of Sun-kissed Islands 
Supermarket / Take Home / Convenience & Services

It looks as though Terminal have confirmed the following shops: McDonald's, Bar-B-Q Plaza, Yayoi Japanese Restaurant, Miyazaki, MK, KFC, Pizza Company, Fuji, Swensen's Sushi Toro, a Pier 21 Food Court and a Toys R Us.

If you want to find out more about the new shopping malls coming to Korat, watch this space.

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