Celebrate Constitution Day

Constitution Day is celebrated annually as a National Holiday in Thailand on the 10th of December and commemorates the birth of the country’s Constitutional Monarchy. Constitution Day dates back to 1932 – a time when Thailand (then Siam) was experiencing a radical upheaval that finally brought to an end the absolute power of the monarchy.

From Absolute to Constitutional Monarchy

At the commencement of the 1930s Siam’s economy was greatly affected by the dolor of the global Great Depression. The people considered the monarch, King Prajadhipok (Rama VII), to be too young and inexperienced to control the multitude of problems that the country was experiencing. In June 1932, an unlikely alliance of military and intellectuals, known as the People’s Party, successfully led a bloodless coup. The coup makers then presented the King with an ultimatum and a pro tem constitution. The King initially refused, but eventually relented, and signed the proffered documents, which stated that the sovereign power of Siam belonged to the people. 

Internal disputes within the People’s Party and pressure from the Palace resulted in a new and revised permanent constitution being agreed upon and signed by King Prajadhipok (Rama VII) on December 10, 1932.

When the centuries old absolute monarchy was brought to an end in December 1932, the reverence and respect that the Thai people have for their King has not been diminished by this change. 

All Thai charters and constitutions still recognize the King as the Head of State, Upholder of all Religions, Head of the Armed Forces, and inviolable and sacred in his person. The King’s sovereign power comes from the people, and is exercised in three ways: Executive power through the Cabinet, Judicial power through the law courts, and Legislative power through the National Assembly.

Since 1932, Thailand has had 18 constitutions or charters with a 19th currently being drafted, but all have been based on a constitutional monarchy. This constant of the monarchy during times of immense change reflects the respect and love that the Thai people have for their Monarch.

Celebrating Constitution Day

Constitution Day is celebrated throughout Thailand. Portraits of Thai Kings are proudly displayed in all corners of the kingdom; private buildings, government offices, monuments and even high-rises are brightly lit up and draped with national flags and colorful bunting. Both civilian and military parades, along with spectacular firework displays, are included in the festivities of the day. 

In Korat many of the events take place in the area around the statue of Yamo and at Bung Ta Lua, and of course there will be the ubiquitous food and market stalls to tempt your palate and wallet. 

If you live outside Korat ask around as to what events are taking place locally.

Constitution Day is celebrated by the Thai people with grateful thanks to the King, who selflessly provided them with the chance to take part in their country’s governance.

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