Spaghetti Carbonara @ 7 Eleven

When you are ordering microwave food from 7 Eleven, you know you're not going to get a home cooked flavour and the chances are you're only doing it because you're either too lazy to cook, or more likely, you are half cooked yourself and headed home after a few too many in town.

This microwavable spaghetti carbonara is pretty bog standard. It takes a few minutes to heat up and at 45 baht is reasonably cheap for a foreign style dish. The spaghetti portion is generous and there is plenty of sauce. It's a bit salty, but overall, it fills a hole when you are in a rush.

The carbonara toastie that is also available at 7 is far superior in my humble opinion, but it makes a pleasant change from the rice based frozen goods available. Give it a try.


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