German Meatloaf @ Cafe Capu

Cafe Capu describes itself as a German Coffee and Sausage shop. Which is very true but it does offer quite a bit more. It has an extensive menu, which is quite steak based from the Farang side of things, but does offer other alternatives as well as an extensive Thai selection. It also offers a number of home made desserts and one of the widest selections of imported beers you'll find anywhere in the city.

Since I wasn't in a steak mood, I went for the Leberkäse or German Meatloaf. It tasted very nice, but didn't taste of traditional meatloaf, it was more sausagey, more spicy and to be honest simply more German which is to be expected when you consider where I was eating it.

It was served on a wooden chopping board with fries (not many to be honest), a side salad in a very small bowl and a delicious sauce which tasted a little like a cross between tomato sauce and HP brown sauce, so much so that maybe that's what it actually was?

I do however have to comment on the service, which was well below par. There wasn't a smile in sight on any of the staff. But the worst aspect was that no one could be bothered to clear the table. We actually had to move empty plates and finished bottles to nearby tables ourselves to make room as more food arrived. The used crockery and empty bottles then sat there while the staff walked past them repeatedly.

Ignoring the service, the Meatloaf was very tasty and a nice change from the steaks that are offered everywhere. It's recommended because I can't think of another place in Korat where you'd get a home made German Meatloaf.

Both indoor and outdoor seating are available and there is free wifi.

Tel: 085 054 0296 (Gunther) or 087 379 8147 (Nancy)

Please click for the Café Capu Facebook page.


Address: 179/46 Venice Park, Suranaree 2 Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000

GPS: 14° 59' 05.9" N; 102° 03' 25.9" E

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